Sunday, December 23, 2012

the true meaning.

Because I'm a teenage girl that loves Toy Story and kittens, it's obvious that I love Christmas. I love the weather, the lights, decorations, music and presents.

But this year is a little different for me.

Because Florida was our big Christmas present, I haven't been focusing on the gifts. I haven't gone to Temple Square to gawk at those amazing lights. I haven't been laboring over what to get for my friends. And I haven't been parading around in a Santa Hat. Those aren't the true meaning of Christmas.

So what would be the the meaning of the holiday? There are many answers.

The true meaning of Christmas is laughing your head off when you're playing a game with your family.

When that little old man in your ward comes up and gives you a kiss on the cheek and wishes you a Merry Christmas. 

When you hold a door open for five minutes straight at Target for a giant crowd, just to be nice.

When you're babysitting a cute family, and the little girl wants to play with the Nativity and tells you about Jesus, and how much she loves Him.

It's a day of laughing at ugly Christmas sweaters with your best friends.

It's when you tear up when your little brother sings at Church because you're so grateful for him.

It's when your cousin calls you Mi-mi instead of Emmie.

When you're reading your scriptures and you feel the Spirit.

It's those cheesy Christmas movies they show you in Seminary.

When your best friend gets up in front of the entire Seminary class to bear her testimony, and you can't believe how good of a person she is.

It's when your friend remembers an old movie you two used to watch together when you were little, and they give you the movie on DVD instead of the old VHS.

It's the family you're with, the memories you make and the love you share.

So Merry Christmas my dear followers. I love you all.

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