Tuesday, December 25, 2012

let's talk boys.

So, I've gotten a couple or requests to write an entry about boys. (mostly from 12 year old girls. ok. all of the requests were from 12 year old girls) So, here you go. An awkward boy post, featuring me struggling over every word. Because I am a little confused in the boy department. Alright. A lot confused. So please enjoy this humorous struggle to answer the questions of a few little girls. Fasten your seatbelts.

In my fifteen years of life, the only thing I know for sure about males is that they like to injure each other. And sometimes me. I have indeed gotten tackled and punched in the gut. And hit square in the face with a snowball. And hit on the arm. And in the face again with a tether ball. And a couple soccer balls. I think guys forget that I'm not as tough as I make myself sound, and my body is actually fragile. Hence, I get injured. I have a couple of the scars to prove it. 


I've liked exactly five boys in my lifetime. Five boys in fifteen years. Most girls have liked over 30. Okay, 20. Let's just say 25 to meet in the middle. Point is, while all other teenage girls on the planet know how to navigate through the dangerous waters of flirting and relationships, I'm that one kid that still has to use an inner tube when they're in sixth grade. While we're picturing that, just imagine me wearing one of those full body swimsuits with a duck floaty around my stomach. You're welcome for that image.

So I'm not really qualified to post about this. I haven't kissed anyone. Never had a boyfriend. So I'm not really writing this for advice reasons. I'm just writing it to entertain myself, because I'm kind of hilarious.

Okay sorry. I'll try to focus.

So, when my cute friend asked me to write this, I was specifically asked how to tell a boy you "like" him.

Well. I'm not the kind of person to play those tricky mind games that some girls have mastered. I just kinda went up to them and told them I liked them. Put it right there on the table. Most of the time, they just kinda awkwardly skirted away from the subject and didn't talk to me for a couple months after I told them. Don't worry, I'm kind of a cocky person. So I would just shake it off and think "Your loss baby!" (courtesy from the Little Rascals). Because I'm kind of a winner. I can beat any level of Unblock Me, eat a whole box of Bagel Bites in one sitting, I burst into random showtunes, read until the early hours of the morning and I'm addicted to the Internet.

A real catch, I am.

(I also talk like Yoda sometimes)

To end this fun little rambling monologue, I'll post a video from one of my favorite Youtubers, Marissa Lace. She is pretty hilarious and cracks me up. Here you go.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

the true meaning.

Because I'm a teenage girl that loves Toy Story and kittens, it's obvious that I love Christmas. I love the weather, the lights, decorations, music and presents.

But this year is a little different for me.

Because Florida was our big Christmas present, I haven't been focusing on the gifts. I haven't gone to Temple Square to gawk at those amazing lights. I haven't been laboring over what to get for my friends. And I haven't been parading around in a Santa Hat. Those aren't the true meaning of Christmas.

So what would be the the meaning of the holiday? There are many answers.

The true meaning of Christmas is laughing your head off when you're playing a game with your family.

When that little old man in your ward comes up and gives you a kiss on the cheek and wishes you a Merry Christmas. 

When you hold a door open for five minutes straight at Target for a giant crowd, just to be nice.

When you're babysitting a cute family, and the little girl wants to play with the Nativity and tells you about Jesus, and how much she loves Him.

It's a day of laughing at ugly Christmas sweaters with your best friends.

It's when you tear up when your little brother sings at Church because you're so grateful for him.

It's when your cousin calls you Mi-mi instead of Emmie.

When you're reading your scriptures and you feel the Spirit.

It's those cheesy Christmas movies they show you in Seminary.

When your best friend gets up in front of the entire Seminary class to bear her testimony, and you can't believe how good of a person she is.

It's when your friend remembers an old movie you two used to watch together when you were little, and they give you the movie on DVD instead of the old VHS.

It's the family you're with, the memories you make and the love you share.

So Merry Christmas my dear followers. I love you all.

PIY Grinchy #Christmas Quote 5x7 Printable Gift or Wall Art
take advice from our dear friend, Mr. Grinch.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


hello there, old friends. It's been a little while. And I have found a free moment where I don't want to just flop on my bed and listen to my Spotify playlists over and over. 

(Music update, I've re-discovered my love for Passion Pit lately. Sleepyhead, Take a Walk and Moth's Wings are some of my favorites. I've also been getting into Modest Mouse. Float on is my favorite. And lastly, the Xx. You either love or hate their music, but I'm all for it. Favorites are Fiction and VCR. Go check them out. now.)

Sorry, you got me talking about music. But anyway, I found a moment of free time so I decided to give you a  small update on my life.

I've been crazy busy with everything. School has caught up to me, and I am swamped with makeup homework. And with the end of term coming up, I've been a little pressured with everything. It's nothing like middle school though. This kind of stress I can handle. 

I've also been really busy with my wonderful friends. I'm not going to lie, I have a lot of them. I'm a pretty pleasant person, and I like people. That being said, I have a lot of different groups of friends. And sometimes it feels like I'm being pulled in a thousand different directions by different people. It's not bad, and I love having so many people to relate to. It just overwhelms me. 

It's kind of funny, but now that I'm happy with my friends and don't feel like I have to impress them all the time, I've turned into the laziest teenage girl ever. I don't care about my appearance as much anymore. You can find me at school any day of the week with my hair in a sock bun, wearing my mom's old sweatshirts and leggings (not her leggings. mine. for clarification) I wear less makeup, and I allow myself to sleep in a little longer than those girls that get up at 4 am to put on their faces. Chap stick and mascara are my buddies. 
Overall, I am completely loving my life. I'm content and happy with myself, with my friends and I am working my butt off in school. I need to keep 'dem grades up. 

Like anyone else in the world, I have my challenges. I'm a little disappointed that I can't get a ski pass this year. I usually get one for Christmas, but our christmas present was Florida. I'm a little sleep deprived. I not eating as healthy as I should, and sometimes walking up the stairs to the fifth floor leaves me winded. Trust me, I have my issues. 

That's basically it, except I have one hilarious story to tell (because what Emmie blog post doesn't contain a funny story?). Names shall not be mentioned to protect the idiot.

So, to give you a little background, there's this person in a couple of my classes. They sit by me because our last names are similar. And they cheat off of my tests like a little snot. I admit, I do really well on tests. I study my butt off and I try my hardest. And when some little pill face tries to take credit for my work, I got really upset.

I told the teachers (as this happened in multiple classes) but of course they did nothing. So I tried my best to avoid the situation. I would practically lay on top of my paper so they couldn't copy, I would call them out on it. Nothing was working.

One day we're sitting in a class (not disclosed to protect the idiot), taking a test. This was a test that I was very nervous for. I had to teach myself the entire unit because I was in Florida, and I had been spending days reviewing. So when the creep next to me leans over to try to get some answers, I freaked out a little bit. 

And then I realized, the teacher had handed out two different types of the test. 

We had different tests. 

I almost died, I was laughing so hard. I had been covering my test with my paper, and putting it on the opposite side of this retard. After realizing that we had different tests, I had an idea.

I gladly put my test on the side of my desk the creep was on, and let them cheat like a crazy person. I giggled to myself the whole class, feeling so proud of my cleverness. And when I handed in my test, my teacher laughed with me. 

Well, the next class, we got our test back. My score? 90 percent. I could've done better, but I was pretty proud of it, considering I taught myself everything.

Guess the Einstein next to me score was?

53 percent.

Emmie-1. Idiot-0.

Thank you, and good night.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Cliche Thanksgiving Post.

Although I am about being original, and doing your own thing, I do have to go along with the trend of these Thanksgiving blog posts. Because I do love writing things that I'm thankful for. Also, I haven't posted for a little while. So, although it's a little late, here you go.

I am thankful for:
(let's take this big long list and divide it into sub-categories, shall we?)

people (don't be offended if I forgot you. I can barely remember my own name these days)
my amazing, fantastic, wonderful, lovely mum.
the rest of my crazy family.
the Man Band (nickname credit goes to Melany): Casey, Roman, Jenson and Mark.

and everyone else that my brain can't think of.

(I'm also thankful for Joseph Gorden-Levitt. Thank's for being so beautiful, you amazingly gorgeous man. Sorry. I have a slight celebrity crush on him)

I'm thankful for: Passion Pit, The White Stripes, Ed Sheeran, Regina Spektor, Coldplay, Noah and the Whale, Modest Mouse, Imagine Dragons, Two Door Cinema Club, M83, AWOLNATION, Ingrid Michaelson, Zooey Deschanel, The Temper Trap, The XX, and many many many more bands that are a part of my life.

I'm thankful for the challenges that I have in my life, because I learn from them and come out a better person.

I'm thankful for hugs.

I'm thankful for laughing my head off with my best friends, late night phone calls with them, and snapchat. I love snapchat.

I'm thankful for Disney, because it makes me such a better person and reminds me to believe in magic every day.

I'm thankful for Harry Potter, because it teaches me about friendship, trials, errors, and love. All tied together with magic.

I'm thankful for school. I'm lucky enough to be able to go for five days a week, and learn something every day.

I'm thankful for big sweaters and combat boots. My uniform. Also, I'm really thankful for the person who invented the sock bun. Whoever you are, I love you.

I'm thankful for whoever puts those hilarious photos on pinterest. And I'm thankful for pinterest.

I'm thankful for my beautiful town. I live in a little slice of heaven that was put on this earth.

I'm thankful for sunsets, and sunrises.

I'm thankful for my church and the gospel. I love my religion more than anything.

I'm thankful for cat videos on Youtube.

I'm thankful for mascara and my curling wand.

I'm thankful for comfy slippers and footie pajamas.

I'm thankful for my talents that I have, and for the talents of others around me.

I'm thankful for this blog, and for all my readers who take time out of their day to read about my life.

Now, we can turn on Christmas music and not feel guilty for cheating on Thanksgiving =)

now for your cheesy quote fix of the day:




Monday, November 12, 2012

The Emily Approach

Have you ever met anyone that is just all-around happy? Someone that always has a smile on their face and a compliment on their lips. Someone who can make the worst situation the best. I know a few.

I'm very lucky to have tons of amazing role models in my ward and neighborhood, but today I'm going to talk about a specific lady in my life.

You guessed it: Emily.

Emily is by far the happiest person I know. She's always bouncing around, beaming like a little kid on Christmas morning. And when you're around her, you can't help but be happy also. It's a domino effect.

You're probably thinking, "Yeah. She's happy. Big whoop." But seriously. She's not just happy, she's delighted. She's chipper. She is gleeful.

Here's an example:

Once, she was over at my house talking to my mom. My mom was telling her about the laundry room renovations she was planning on doing someday. After she was done describing her plans, Emily looked at her with a huge grin and said,

"I just love knocking down walls. And renovating. And picking out paint colors. I love getting messy! It's just so fun!"

Who loves knocking down stuff?! Emily does.

And I just love that whenever anyone is around her, they can't frown. She's too light and cheerful. And I absolutely love that. I love that she gets excited about anything, big or small. So I've hatched a plan.

I'm calling it, The Emily Approach.

In this particular plan (which I have already been doing for a day and will report on in a minute) I will be striving to be like Emily. I will try to be happy about everything, and take lessons away from everything. I will try to be clean in what I expose myself to. I am going to smile all day. I am going to be grateful for what I have and try not to ask for unnecessary things.

So I'd like to report day one:

I thought of this plan the night before, so I woke up feeling ready to be happy! This was on Saturday. I got out of my bed and came upstairs to find the world covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. I was already excited about that. I do love snow. And then my mom said we were going to the mall. To look for mattresses. Not so excited about this one, but I did want to get out of the house, so I got dressed and off we drove. I got carsick on the way there, but I did not throw up! I was happy about that! But my happiness was tested on the car ride, where I learned that when we go to Florida, we're probably not going to Disney World, because we can't afford it.

I'll admit. I shed a few tears. Disney is my complete life and that was the part that I was looking forward to the most. I felt bad for myself. And I knew this is where my plan was going to have to save me. So I quickly dried my eyes, and thought about how I was lucky to even go on a vacation. I can go to the beach, or swim in the pool and I still get to go to Harry Potter World. I had no room to complain. None at all. And I'm only fifteen, I still have plenty of time to go to Disney World. It'll all be okay.

The next time my happiness was tested was at Macy's. I saw this sweater. This beautiful sweater. But then I reminded myself that I wasn't going to ask for anything. Because I am grateful for what I have. So I took a deep breath, pulled my own sweater that I was wearing around me tighter, and walked away.

Soon, my mom and grandma were busy in their own little world of shopping, and I was determined not to ask for anything. Not one little thing. I have enough clothes, and I don't need anymore. But it got really hard with my mom and grandma showing me all these items, so I decided to walk around the mall by myself just for fun.

This part was hard too. I got a lot of weird looks. What teenage girl goes shopping by herself? A loser? A loner? Does she smell bad? The answer is no. So whenever I was met with a weird look, I returned it with a smile, which got me an even weirder look.

And after walking around for a while, I finally went home, exhausted from my day of being happy.

Stay tuned to see how this works out.

and just for kicks:

this is the best thing i've seen all day


word up home slice

Monday, November 5, 2012

write something.

let's give a hand to Pinterest for inspiring me to blog this weekend.

Just. Do. It.
found this and decided to write.

Here's the 411 (what the heck does that mean? 411? It makes no sense.) in English, we had to write about our names, how we got our names, what they mean to us, etc. And I was really proud of mine. But, I really really hate sharing my work in front of the class, because everyone else in there is like Shakespeare. Their words are so much more beautiful than mine, and I am so jealous of all of their writing abilities. Seriously. Whenever they share something, I just want to cry from the beauty of it all. Their words hold so much meaning and loveliness. It blows my mind. It's totally crazy how these sophomores can write such beautiful things. I gotta stop ranting about this, but I wish you could just read their pieces of writing. Then you'd understand.

So in class I basically feel like a cavewoman compared to Einstein. And that is why I never share anything in class. But I have been forcing myself too. I need to get over that uncomfortable-ness that I feel when I share what I write. It's not the actual sharing, it's the content.

Here's an example: I write, "I walked to the red door."

They write: "Completely breathless, I ran to the red door. The red reminded me of warmth, and love that I once had known, but was lost now."

So I refrained from sharing my name memoir to the class, although I was really really proud of it. So I'm sharing it here, where I'm not compared to anyone, where no one is forced to listen to me, and where I am completely comfortable and in my element. Here we go.

Emmari. It's a fancy name, meant for someone sophisticated. I, am not sophisticated. My name feels too big for me, like a a hand me down sweater.

My mom once told me that Emmari mean "wonderful." But to teachers, classmates and random people on the street, it means "name that I can't pronounce."

Emmie seems a little more comfortable, smaller shoes to fill. Emmie is my every day name, one that everyone knows me by. It's the name on the top of my assignments, on the roll call, or doodled all over my notebook.

I love my name. On the first day of school, I'm always the one the teachers remember.

I didn't always like my name. When I was little, I would beg my parents to change it. I would try to get them to call me a different name. Like Jules. Yes, out of any name I chose Jules. One night, I was crying because I  hated my name so much, and my mom came up with the nickname Mia. Emmari, Mia. It kinda made sense. But it lasted a whole two seconds before she called me Emmie again.

A lot of people call me something different. My little sister calls me Ommie. My old orthodontist called me Mari. (I still have no idea how she got that out of Emmie. Maybe EmMARI? I don't know)

I basically have three different names. On my learner's permit and other documents, I'm Emmeri. On my church records, and when I'm in trouble, I'm called Emmari (my mom decided to change the spelling of my name right after she wrote it on my birth certificate. Now I have to go through all these stupid steps to replace the e with an a. ugh). And my every day name is Emmie. The one that people know me by.

Maybe one day I'll become sophisticated and fill the big shoes of Emmari, but for now, Emmie is just fine.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Ever since I started High School, I've been uber tired and just plain lazy. I've just been dead to the world. I go to school, do homework and eat. That's all my day consists of. I don't even blog after school anymore. I draft it at school, during computer tech. And my mom has been getting on my case about doing nothing. She's been telling me to find something that I want to do, and she'll put me in lessons. But I don't want to do anything. And I'm not particularly good at anything. I'm just kind of average all around.

I can ski on blue hills, I can sing fairly simple songs and I can talk to people with no problems. But I need something that I'm exceptional at. So I've come up with a list of my many talents. Here we go.

1. I can eat two boxes of Tostinos Pizza rolls in one sitting.

2. I can pee faster than anyone that I know.

3. I am an excellent procrastinator.

4. I've mastered the art of being able to fall asleep anywhere. 

5. I can put my hair in a messy bun in 10 seconds.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Bountiful Dictionary.

Today, I'm going to teach you an important lesson, one that you must know if you are not from my town and are reading my blog. I have a dictionary full of words (and how to pronounce them) for you to understand what I'm always talking about. I've gotten some emails asking what the heck am I saying, and I am here to help you!

Before we start with this dictionary, you have to know that you can't say your T's. For example: Mountain. If you're from Utah, you must pronounce it Mounain. No t. This applies to almost every word you can think of.

VL, noun: (Short for Virgin Lips) When a teenager in Bountiful has not kissed anyone besides a family member. When you kiss someone, you "lose" your VL (there's even a club. with T shirts).

Shoot, verb: A replacement for the popular cuss word. You can also use Shiz if you want to walk on the wild side, or the most commonly used, Crap.

Baller, adj: When something is awesome. Ex: Those shoes are baller! Seminary is baller!

RM, adjective: Returned Missionary, a spouse/boyfriend preferred by most Mormon Girls.

The Vard, noun: Bountiful Boulevard, a place where teenagers park their cars, blast music, and party on summer/warm nights. Partying can also occur during the fall.

The B, noun: A giant letter on our Mountain that symbolizes Bountiful High. A great view if you drive up there, and also a makeout spot.

Friday Night Lights, noun: Football games, reference to a popular TV show.

Keva, noun: A smoothie place located near BHS, where the drinks are delicious and you can get a slice of bread next door for 50 cents.

Rite Aide, noun: A store which every teen in Bountiful has been kicked out of.

Snow Days, noun: Don't exist. You go to school if there is five feet of snow on the ground. Case closed.

Skiing, noun: Almost everyone in Bountiful is an expert at it. We can teach you how to ski backwards.

The Holy War, noun: The annual football game between BYU and UofU. Utah is divided, with the occasional Utah State straggler.

The Spiral, noun: A spiral staircase at Bountiful High, where you make out.

True Brave, noun: You can achieve this status by either: a, running around the track naked, or b, kissing on the spiral. If you do both, then you are a Chief.

 WX vs BHS: a football game that everyone looks forward to, because BHS has beat WX for over 20 years straight. (if we lose tonight, just know that this was written before the game)

Seminary: an hour and a half nap.

Snowpants: an article of clothing that everyone has in their closets.

AN IMPORTANT PRONUNCIATION ANNOUNCEMENT: You must pronounce your B's like P's. Example: Jacop.

I hope I have helped you understand my life and my Bountiful slang.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

a few of my favorite things.

Here is a post dedicated to sharing my favorite youtube videos that I've found these past few weeks. So here you go.

This is just possibly the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

The first time I saw this (last night) I fell off of my chair laughing.

I don't think you can watch this without smiling or laughing.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I am a butterfly.

I am a butterfly. I am free. I am beautiful. I fly. I come and go, just as shadows and stars do. You can't tie me down. I am like the wind. I am innocent and pure.

Let's start at the beginning of this journey, shall we?

When I started seventh grade, my self esteem and self worth were at rock bottom. I was awkward. I was sad. I felt so alone. I was friendless, because I was shy. And when I did talk to people, my negativity drove them away. I think that I was so depressed because my main goal was to be "popular." I thought that the life of expensive clothes, cell phones, boyfriends and Jr. High parties seemed amazing. I was so jealous of that one girl that all the guys liked. The one that wore all the new Anthropologie items, while I was shopping at TJ Maxx and Ross. I pushed my quirks aside and tried to shove myself into this "popular girl" mold, which my body didn't fit. But, when I started hanging out with the "popular" kids, I thought I was happy. But now looking back, I see an uphappy little girl trying so hard to please people that didn't even really like her, or want to be her friend. 

This is how I ended seventh grade. "Popular." And it didn't feel as good as I thought it would feel. I found myself in uncomfortable situations. Kids watching rated R movies, talking about inappropriate things, not acting like seventh graders. And I wasn't even ready to give up sleeping with my baby blanket, let alone talk about sex and other things. (and I still sleep with my baby blanket. it's okay Harley does too.)

The summer before eighth grade I was miserable. Calling my dad to come pick me up when my friends were watching R rated movies, crying to my mom about how I couldn't stay out until 1:00 in the morning, doing things that I don't even want to do now.

(Quick side note: I'm not saying I was completely depressed and miserable for all of my Jr. High experience. I was actually quite happy. But now that I've felt the love of real friends, and real love for myself, I just wish that I could've felt that earlier)

So, walking into eighth grade, I was miserable. I was confused about who I was, and what my values were. I started to compare myself to others. I never felt pretty enough, talented enough or smart enough. Things got worse as my "friends" started to ignore me. Did things without telling me. Left me out. The weight of the world was piling high on my little 13-year old shoulders, and I was about to collapse. And no one knew about my heavy load because I never told anyone anything. I kept all my concerns to myself.

I have to admit, I was a pretty good actress.

I think I hit rock bottom near the end of eighth grade. I was watching a movie at someone's house, and everyone had paired off. There I was, sitting in the corner of that L-shaped couch, feeling sick to my stomach. No one would sit by me, or talk to me. I finally went outside and sat on the swings, tears flowing freely. I usually don't cry. Especially in public. I hated (and still hate) showing signs of weakness. But there I was, sobbing on the swings. I called my mom and asked her to come pick me up. I decided I was done with these people. I was done feeling so inferior, and I was done feeling bad about myself.

I think the thing that mostly pushed me over the edge was when I called one of my friends that wasn't there. He talked to me and listened to me, and none of those kids inside would ever do that. They wouldn't listen to me cry and let it out. They would tell me to shut up and grow up. I realized that friends are supposed to make you feel uplifted, not dragging you down. So I was done. I didn't hate those kids. I still don't. I get along with some of them today, some of us are friends. But then, us being friends was like swimming in toxic waste. Drowning it it. So I cut myself off of the "popular" kids. No, I didn't stand on the stage at school dance and announce it. It was done quietly. I just slipped out of their lives.

I'll admit, it was lonely. But that pressure was off of my chest, and I felt so much lighter. I wasn't the girl that went out every Saturday night. I spent a few solitary nights in my PJs watching Pixar. And you know what? That's perfectly okay. The more I spent time alone, I got to know myself a little better.

I'm not saying that I looked in the mirror and had a full on conversation. But being alone for a little while gave me time to realize what I wanted, what kind of person I wanted to be, and what I felt comfortable with. I didn't need compliments or boys trying to get my attention to feel good about myself. I didn't need those new clothes, hair highlights, that high end makeup. I was perfectly happy with my TJ Maxx sweater and my Covergirl mascara. Still am.

As eighth grade ended, I looked back and realized that I had made so many new friends, and had so many experiences. Experiences that I couldn't have had if I were tying myself down. I felt great about myself, and about others.

Entering ninth grade, I was probably as confident as a person could be. I finally let my crazy personality come out, and I think I shocked a lot of people. But I was happy as a clam. I wore my Harry Potter robes to school, talked as loud as I wanted, and just had a grand time at school. I loved ninth grade, because I was finally ME. With no masks. I would proudly tell my friends I bought my shirt at Plato's closet. I would proudly proclaim my love for Lord of the Rings. Ninth grade was filled with so many new and amazing experiences and friends.

Then the best summer ever happened to me.

This last summer was the best summer ever. In the history of mankind. I've already blogged and blogged about it, but I'll tell you again. The Jazz Band Trip, Trek, Girl's Camp, making new friend, it was just plain perfect.

This summer I realized that friends are fun, and nice, and non-backstabbing, and everything good in this world. Those kids changed my whole perspective on friendship, and love for my friends. And I love them so much for that. I would go on and on about how much I love them, but I won't. Because then they'll think I'm creepy. And because I've already exclaimed how much I love them.

And now we're here at the present. Me, loving life, being a little quieter than last year. A little more humble. But now I'm the happiest I've ever been. Change is good. Change is very good.

Monday, October 8, 2012

the challenge is over!!!

so.. i've kind of been slacking off. and it's my last day of the blog challenge!!! yay! So I have three for you today.

Day 27, what is your favorite feature (on yourself)?

I really like my hands... is that weird? I have really, really abnormally tiny hands and I just like them. I also like my nose and freckles. I've been told I have a cute nose from time to time. I'll take it.

Day 28, what is your least favorite feature (on yourself)?

I have two. I hate my arms. I have way long arms, and in pictures I look deformed. There's those girls with the cute little arms, and then me, my fingers touching my toes. I also really don't like my teeth. They're straight from my braces, but they're not as white as I want them to be. And I hate whitening them, because it hurts so bad.

Day 29, what do you think people misunderstand about you?

I know a lot of people that think I'm really self-centered. And they're absolutely right. I'm a teenage girl, I have an excuse. When I feel uncomfortable, or I don't know what to say, I start to talk about myself. I've been working on it though.

Day 30, list three things you hope to be remembered for.

1. My awesome taste in music.
2. How I laugh at everything, everywhere, anytime.
3. My zest for life.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I know it. I live it. I love it.

Well. That time of year is here again. GENERAL CONFERENCE TIME! 

For all you non-LDS members out there, General Conference is when you spend two day listening to church leaders, and laying around in your PJs.

Most teenagers don't like conference. They can't hang out with friends, they have to spend all day at home, blah blah blah. But I love it. LOVE IT. I look forward to it every year. It's almost better than Christmas. I love to be able to not get dressed, eat all day, and listen to amazing talks.

And today was probably one of the best conference sessions ever. They've changed the minimal age to go on an LDS mission. Girls can now go at age 19, and boys can go at age 18 (before it was 21 for women and 19 for boys), and this has completely changed my life.

I've always, always, always wanted to go on a mission. I've read my old journals and I write "8 more years until I can go on my mission!" "7 years!"

And now I can go in about four years. FOUR YEARS. I'm dying. I'm so excited. When it was first announced, I couldn't talk I was so excited.

Everyone else is excited too. Texts are flying my way, my facebook news feed is filled with it. And I love it. I love being surrounded by people that are so willing to go serve. I'm one of the luckiest people alive.

So now, tonight in my journal, I will write, "FOUR MORE YEARS!" I really can't believe this happened. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Also, another good quote from our amazing friend Ann Dibb who gave an amazing talk:

"I am a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it."- quoted by Ann M. Dibb #ldsconf #lds #mormons #generalconference

Thursday, October 4, 2012

i hate school.

here I am, sitting in computer tech. it's only second period and I've had probably the worst day ever. EVER. I'm not excited for what's to come. the only good thing is that I figured out how to get on youtube, which means whole imagine dragons album is being listened to because i'm too cheap to buy it.

since we have free time, blog challenge (that I'm almost done with!)

Day 26 was a dumb question, so I'm telling you what's in my backpack.

three sets of headphones
a pink sharpie
burts bees lip gloss
my phone
hair ties
bobby pins
random food
my binders
my schedule
my planner
a dollar
my lunch
a calculator.

Don't worry, it's super organized. Because I'm OCD.

So, I'm actually planning some BIG posts to come. I've already drafted one, and in my opinion, it's amazing. I love it. So BIG things are coming! Be excited with me!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm a slacker.

I haven't been keeping up on this blog challenge thing. Life just kinda got in the way. So I guess I get to do four today. Joy.

Day 22. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I'll be twenty. I do not see myself getting married like most Utah girls. I'll probably be in college, working my tail off. Maybe having an RM boyfriend (Returned Missionary for all of those who don't speak Utahn). Probably sleep deprived. Probably wearing sweats. Living away from home. Probably carrying the iPhone 7, listening to Taylor Swift's 10th album. It sounds like a pretty good life.

Day 23: list your top five hobbies and why you love them.

1. Blogging. I love to write and express myself. I love to just spew out my thoughts and feelings. I also love how if I write something I don't like, I can change it. I wish words were like that.

2. Ribsticking. However you spell it. It's like a skateboard, but way harder/cooler. It took me five days straight to learn how to not fall. I spent my whole summer perfecting it, and I am now the master. I can ribstick, rub my tummy, and pat my head at the same time.

3. Shopping. Yes, I consider this a hobby. I'm really good at finding deals and putting outfits together when I'm not being lazy. I'd say dressing myself on a budget is an important skill.

4. Uke/piano/singing. I love making music. I love it. My whole family does. You can always hear a song in our home. Either from our mouths, instruments or radio. We love music.

5. Picking good music. I LABOR over my songs. I'm so picky about what I listen to. So I consider this a hobby.

Day 24. This one was dumb, so I'm just listing another 10 facts about myself.

1. I LOVE to eat.
2. I love my phone.
3. I have the personality of a teenage boy.
4. I love hearing people sing.
5. I talk about myself A LOT.
6. I'm very considerate toward other people.
7. I love to sing.
8. I have big dreams. One of those dreams is swimming in a pool of Jel-O.
9. I sometimes wonder who would come to my funeral if I died.
10. I love people.

Day 25. If you could hang out with anyone in history, who would it be?

It's a tie between John Lennon and Audrey Hepburn. Do you know how AWESOME that'd be? ahh. I'd die.


this is better than the original. just watch it.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Opinions please.

So... I need my readers opinions.

In the past few weeks, my ratings have skyrocketed. I'm in different countries now, and that's amazing.

So I've been considering making money off of my blog.

Will you love me? Hate me? Won't care? Is it a bad idea?

Because let's face it, I'm just teenage girl with no job. And this could be a good income for me. Not enough to support a family, but enough to stop running my parents dry.

So please, tell me what I should do. I know I've done these question things before, and hardly anyone responds, but I know you're there. I can track how many views my blog gets. So tell me, even if you don't think I'll like it (just use nice words).

what should i do?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dear haters...

So, before I do my blog post of the day, I have to express something.

I blog for myself. I'm so glad that people like it and read it, but it's for me and my benefit. So if everyone stops reading, if I have no pageviews, if all of my followers unfollow me, I will still write.

That being said, people's negative comments won't phase me. You can write whatever you want, but if it's negative, I don't need that. I don't care if you don't like me or my blog. Any negative comments or messages will be deleted immediately. I don't need to be seeing that on something that I've worked so hard on. So you can call my a hypocrite, an idiot, a loser, but I DON'T CARE. If you don't like this blog, leave. If you don't like me, don't be around me or read this. I'm not trying to impress you. Simple as that. And don't talk crap about my blog to my friends. It always gets back to me. Always.

Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

Anyway. Day 21: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Have you ever had dreams about flying? Where you are completely free and you don't have a care in the world? Where you are just floating on happiness, and it feels amazing. I want to fly so bad. And I've always wanted to. The first time I went on an airplane, I was so disappointed. It was basically like being in a car.

But this summer, I flew.

Not even kidding. My dream came true. And it came true at Magic Mountain.

Before I went there, Annie was telling me about this ride that made you feel like you were flying. She told me how amazing it was and how I absolutely HAD to go on it. She never told me the name though, or she did tell me and I forgot. So when I got there, I was on a mission. I would find this flying amazing ride.

So we went on tons and tons of rollercoasters, and had a grand old time. But we only had about an hour left until we had to go, and I still hadn't found this magical ride. In despair, I looked up and saw this really tall rollercoaster. The people were angled horizontally, and they were all screaming and laughing with delight. I knew this was my ride. The line was super long, but I dragged all of my friends on it, and we waited for about 30 minutes. I seriously could not contain my excitement. Stockton was as excited as I was. So when we finally got on, we were shifted horizontally, and up we went. And when we went downhill, I was literally flying.

My dream came true, and it was probably the best day of my life. They take pictures on the rollercoasters, and my face was like a little child's during their first time at Disneyland. Pure. Joy.

Magic Mountain is where dreams come true.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 20.

Day 20: Describe 3 significant incidents in your childhood.

I was a strange child, and these are just funny stories. So here ya go.

1. The story of the push.
 I was in kindergarten. In my class, we had these stations, and only four people could be in a station at a time. So me and my three little guy friends were happily playing in the Lincoln Log station, when all of a sudden a boy with a mop of dark curly hair came over. I didn't really know him, all I knew that he was mean to all the girls. Anyway, he came up to me and yelled at me for "stealing" all of his friends, and I better get out of that station and go play house. (Just a quick fact, I was a crazy tomboy until I was about 12). But I wasn't going to give in to this kid, even though he was probably three heads taller than me. I stood my ground and told HIM to go play house. He didn't like that very much, and shoved me down. I stood up and slapped that kid hard, and all my little friends clapped for me. I got sent in the time-out corner, but it was oh-so worth it. 

2. The story of the Backstreet Boys. 
This isn't actually in my memory, I'm just telling you what an awesome child I was. When I was about two or three, I knew all of the words to "I want it that way" by the Backstreet Boys. So whenever I went to my relatives house, they would ask me, "What way do you want it?" And I would happily reply "I WANT IT THAAAT WAAAAY!" This continued until I was about 5, but I got too embarrassed to do it anymore.

3. The story of Preston's flight.
I have this backyard neighbor named Preston. We've been friends since the day I moved to Bountiful. And (as mentioned before) I was a crazy daredevil tomboy. So one day, we were on his swings and I decided to stand on top of the swing, and flip myself over. It was pretty impressive, and I have no idea how I accomplished this. But Preston was too afraid to try it, because he was a rational kid and probably didn't want to break his neck. But I kept taunting him, and calling him a baby. He reluctantly stood on top of the swing, and tried to thrust his body forward. But he pulled back, and accidentally let go of the swing. I swear, he got like 20 feet of air. It was crazy. He landed about 15 yards away from the swing set. I ran over to congratulate him on his flight, but then I realized that he was crying. And he screamed for his mom, who promptly sent me home. 

Sorry this picture is so huge, the computers at the school are retarded and won't let me resize it. Also, forgive the hair. I would never let my mom do it.  




Thursday, September 27, 2012

Days 18&19

So... groundbreaking news. My blog has reached France, Spain, Canada and England! Holy cow! I did not know that this was going to go so far, and I'm so thankful to all of my readers.

Day 18: What is the most difficult thing you've had to forgive.

There's one incident. But sadly, I'm not going to say on this blog. Sorry, but it's actually really personal and I'm still not over it. Don't worry, all is forgiven, but me and this person's friendship will never ever be the same. Ever. Maybe one day, when I'm thirty (if I still even have this blog) I'll tell you all about it.

Day 19: If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

This is going to sound really, really lame. And I know I'm moving away someday, I know I have to leave here for a while, but I love the Bountiful Bubble. It keeps me secure. It's a pretty clean place, with little raunchiness going on. Sure, there's some, but I'm pretty sure this is the most Mormon populated place on the planet (say that five times fast). And I love it here. I really do. I love living on a mountain. I love seeing the temple everywhere I go. I especially love fall here. I love going to Smith's and seeing someone I know. I love how beautiful this place is. I really do. Even though there are flaws, and many of them, this place is home to me. It's my little corner of the universe.

So now, here is the best part of this post. I've been collecting hilarious pictures just to show on this blog. I have many, and all of them have either made me cry, snort or involved a drink coming out of my nose. Just so you know. So without further ado:


@Whitney Gunter

puns are my life


This is all I'm gonna think about now when I see that commercial



i just laughed for ten minutes.

i died.

thanks for reading =)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 17

Day seventeen: something you wish you were great at.

this is probably the easiest post ever...

I wish I were great at dancing. I am so uncoordinated. I am clumsy. I've probably tripped up the stairs three times this week. I have the bruises as proof. And every week, I watch Dance Moms and I dream of being able to do what those little girls do. But it's just not in my cards. I'm still obsessed with dance, I just can't. So I admire it from afar.

get it.

dance away

simple perfection.

So if you can dance, then dance. If you have dance pictures on Facebook, I've probably looked at them and gasped at how amazing you are. So keep dancing for me, the girl who has two left feet. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 16

Guess who has an hour of free time in computer tech? This means blogging! And Pinterest! And Pandora! I love the internet!

Day 16: what are your five greatest accomplishments?

Because I'm so young, these are going to sound really self centered and lame. But they're big to me.

1. getting to be SBO President.

2. gaining my testimony.

3. learning how to play the ukelele. I was SO happy.

4. Gaining my self confidence that I lacked for so long.

5. Finding out who I am, and who my real friends are.

that's life.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

days 13, 14 and 15.

Let me just explain why I haven't blogged in the past couple of days.

Reason 1: in computer tech, we didn't have any free time! What the heck?!

Reason 2: it was the weekend. still is, but it's sunday. so I hung out with friends and partied it up.

Reason 3: ... I don't have a third reason.

Day 13, name 5 weaknesses you have.

1. I'm stubborn. 

2. I'm kind of a wimp. 

3. I have a big ego. I think I'm the greatest sometimes, and I come across cocky.

4. I'm lazy. I would rather sit in my bed looking at funny cat pictures on the internet than exercise.

5. I get to attached to everything and everyone that comes into my life. I always need to remind myself that change is good, and that letting go of some old toxic friends is going to be good for me. 

Day 14, list five strengths you have.

1. I'm stubborn.

2. I'm considerate. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a really good friend and I will do anything for you. Because I know how it feels to have friends treat you like crap, and I'm never, EVER going to make someone else feel the way I did. Ever.

3. I have really, really good taste in music.

4. I am smart.

5. I am funny.

Day 15, if you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I would be a hummingbird, because I'm little and I would love to fly.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

day 12.

describe a typical day in your current life.

6:30 I wake up. Some people wake up way earlier than that (mostly high school girls do so they can put on their faces in the morning. but i only wear makeup half to time and my hair is usually in a top knot. today i put a bow in it. that's fancy for me). I sit in bed and glare at my ceiling because I have to get out.

6:45-7:10 I get ready. I don't actually get ready. I pack my lunch and get my backpack and outfit ready the night before. Not that my outfit planning takes much work. It's usually a t shirt and jeans. But I do sometimes put on mascara and brush my hair. and eat. a lot.

7:30-9:00 first period. on A days this means Geometry, on B days it's seminary. I love both of them. I love my seminary teacher, just not the class. I love learning about the gospel, but I don't know anyone in that class. I just sit awkwardly in the corner and laugh to myself at all the funny things people say. I also really like Geometry. It's easy for me and I have some fun friends in that class.

9:05-10:35 second period. A days it's computer tech, B days it's psychology. I have a love/hate relationship with computer tech. today i hated it because we watched a stupid video on mircochips. but usually we do nothing and I blog. And I usually don't like psychology. I don't sit by anyone I know there, and I'm so uncomfortable.

10:40- 12:10 third period. A days it's Intro to health science, B days it's honors chemistry. I love intro to health. love it. it's probably my favorite class. I don't really mind honors chem. it's pretty easy. It just gets long and dull after a while.

12:10-? lunch. I honestly don't know when lunch ends. but it's fun anyway. Sometimes I go out, sometimes I stay at school. it depends on the day.

the rest of the school day- A days World Civ honors, B days Honors English. Both of the classes are blah classes. just fillers in my day.

then I usually find a ride home and watch Friends and Ellen while eating food. Then, I cruise around on facebook, pinterest and blog. after this, I do homework. and after that I usually just eat and lay around, too tired to do anything else.

then I go to bed at 10 or 11. fall asleep as my head hits the pillow. I've been so darn tired lately, and I haven't even started any of the clubs I've signed up for. Don't get me wrong, I love being busy. I love having something to do all the time, but I'm just tired. But it's a good tired.

now I'm tired and i'm sick of homework. and my geometry is staring me in the face while my voice folder is screaming, "PRACTICE ME! PRACTICE ME!" so ta-ta for today.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

oh high school.

Sometimes, my life is so strange, I feel  like I'm living in a sitcom. Too bad I don't have background music or a laugh track. Just kidding, laugh tracks are lame.


I have this phobia that I'm going to go to the wrong classes on the wrong day. And I'll just walk into my Honors Chem class that has a bunch of seniors in it. So today, I was walking into chem when I walked in and I didn't recognize anyone, I panicked. Full on freaking out. I ran right out of there and down the hall, when I saw a couple of kids that I did recognize walk into the same class. Turns out that I don't pay attention to the faces in that class, because it actually WAS my class. Crisis averted.

Also today, I was walking to the tech center at the beginning of fourth period, so I was sweating and disgusting. I also had my giant backpack and my hair was on top of my head (just so you can get the picture). Junho was flat tiring me, so I turned around in a random rage and tried to punch him in the stomach. Usually, I just ignore it and move on, but today I was tired and hot and grouchy. But I missed his stomach, so I turned around in frustration and ran into a pole. That is right. A pole. Head on collision. And don't worry, just a ton of sophomore boys saw and laughed at me. Not that I was planning on getting a boyfriend anytime soon, but it's nice to know that your chances are a little ruined by your clumsiness.

I love high school=)

day eleven: list ten pet peeves you have.

oh, I have many.

1. when people chew loudly. i cannot concentrate on anything except their mouth noises. it drives me up the walls.

2. when people breathe loudly. are you trying to fan yourself with your heavy breath? why are people so loud?!

3. when there's a small spot of marker on the white board that the teacher misses while erasing it. I sometimes stand up and erase it with my fingers.

4. tangled head phones.

5. when I completely space out and forget that I had an assignment due. 

6. when people copy me. ugh. it's supposed to be flattering, but it's not. it's actually really irritating. especially if it's word for word. ugh. yeah, you know who you are and what you're doing. STOP IT.

7. A-. hatehatehatehate. I'd seriously rather have a B+. you're so happy with the A and then you see the dumb minus sign. grrr.

8. when girls on facebook take pictures of themselves and post it, "No makeup." Really? So your lips are naturally red? And your eyelids are naturally purple sparkles? If you're gonna post a picture, at least be truthful in the caption.

9. Carly Rae Jepson. Her songs are so darn catchy, but they're so dumb. "Ohh it's always a good time!"

10. everyone being snotty to me because I'm a sophomore. This one takes the cake. It's not like you were born into High School. You had to learn the ropes too. And if it was hard for you, why make it hard for us? That's kind of hypocritical. And I also hate when people don't take me seriously because I'm a sophomore. I'm freaking smart and I have good ideas, but no one listens! grr.

wow. this was a really negative post. I'm sorry. I think it's because I'm so grouchy. so I'll lighten the mood with this video=) (if you like Twilight, I suggest you don't watch)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

day 10.

Day Ten: describe your most embarrassing moment.

Here's the thing, I don't get embarrassed easily. I do weird things for fun and I don't really care about what others think of me. So, these moments that I'm about to list didn't embarrass me and I've probably told everyone in the world about them. But here you go.

I have two stories.

#1 The ripped Skirt

Once upon a time, there was innocent little seventh grade Emmie walking to her back yard. She was wearing an adorable outfit with a cute little blue and white skirt. She was feeling adventurous so she decided that instead of opening the gate, she would climb over it. She still doesn't remember why she decided to do that. So anyway, there was cute little Emmie climbing over the fence, when her cute little skirt got caught in the links. She started to freak out and yell for help, not thinking anyone could hear her. Then, to her horror, she heard a musical little laugh behind her. She whipped her head around to see her new neighbor standing in his yard chuckling at her misfortune. She was mortified (at the time). She screamed and tried to jump off the fence, but sadly ripped her cute little skirt in the process.

#2 The sandbox and the evil dog

Once upon a time, there was cute little eighth grade Emmie, walking to Desi's house. Desi lives around the corner, but Emmie was too lazy to walk around the whole neighborhood. So she decided to cut through her neighbor's house. She thought that their evil, fat dogs were locked up inside, and she had nothing to worry about. But as soon as she climbed the fence, she heard an evil sounding growl behind her. The fat puppy was on her heels! And I swear, this dog weighs fifty pounds. So she did what her teachers told her to do in the presence of a scary, angry dog. She didn't look him in the eye. Walked backwards and talked softly. Then, the dog stiffened, like a Jaguar about to attack. There was a demon look in it's eyes. And he pounced. She screamed and in an adrenaline rush, she thought she could leap over her neighbor's fence (the same neighbor mentioned in the above story). But sadly, she was mistaken, and she landed headfirst into a sandbox that probably had cat litter in it. But, this wasn't the worst part. Her ankles were caught on the top links of the fence, so she was being held upside down. She screamed and tried to free herself, which she successfully did, but she ripped her pants in the process. Sniffling, she walked up the stairs to her neighbor's front yard to find that he was sitting in a lawn chair, drinking lemonade. He looked at her and asked, "Was that you that just screamed?" "Nooo..." She replied sheepishly. And then she ran away like a scared chicken.

Monday, September 17, 2012

day 9.

Day nine, list ten people who have influenced you. (in no particular order)

1. my mom. 

2. my grandma. 

3. my aunts.

4. Shelby Taylor (I love youuuu)

5. Taylor Swift (yeah.. cheesy i know)

6. Walt Disney. (i know, i know)

7. Landry Thomas.

8. Desi Loveless.

9. Annie Jarman.

10. my daddy. I love him.

as you can kinda tell... I didn't want to blog today. I didn't want to do anything today, actually. I woke up and felt like death. I dragged my sorry butt out of bed to turn off my alarm and got dressed. Thank goodness I picked out my clothes last night or I would've been wearing underewear on my head and socks on my hands. I went and got ready like a zombie. and then school!

At school, I honestly don't remember half of the day. I just remember having a really, really good seminary lesson and then i remember feeling tired and falling asleep in psych. whoopsie. And then I honestly don't remember the rest of the day. 

I got home, and played the piano and just did nothing productive. and when I tried to get myself to do homework, I just started crying. and I don't even know why. I just cried and told myself how it wasn't fair that I was trying not to procrastinate and how I was on top of things and how I still had mountains of homework. So I went on Pinterest. And now I'm waiting for my stupid health project to dry while I'm supposed to be looking at pictures for it. oh well. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

days seven and eight.

Day seven: What is your dream job and why?

I want to be an Anthropologist. No, not an employee and Anthropoligie. An Anthropologist studies humans. Humanity, the way humans behave, cultures and evolution. I am fascinated with people. I love psychology and I want to find out why humans do the things that they do. I also would love to work with and study people.

Day eight: What are 5 passions you have?

1. I have a passion for life. I love life, despite the bad and the ugly. 

2. I have a passion for good music. Right now I'm really into Muse and Mumford. But I always love Mumford.

3. I have a passion for creating things. Music, art, crafts, anything.

4. I have a passion for writing. 

5. I have a passion for laughing. And funny picture. Like this one:

@Whitney Gunter i think you'd enjoy this as much as i did.

and this one:

Story of my life.

and this one:

it's so true.

Friday, September 14, 2012

day six.

I seriously love Computer Tech. We do about 30 minutes of work, and we get an hour of free time. It's very nice for pinterest and blogging.

So.. Day Six.

What is the hardest thing you've ever experienced?

I'm trying not to sound so "woe is me", but I've been through some pretty hard things in my life. So, here we go.

In ninth grade, I had three people that were close to me pass away. It was so hard. I cried every night. I once cried so much that I almost threw up. I was depressed, and life was stormy. This was also when I didn't have a best friend, and I felt so alone. I was dumb, and didn't realize that everyone in ninth grade was going through the same thing as me. I could've leaned on them, but I didn't. I wasn't leaning on anything. I had fallen down. I wasn't motivated to do anything. My grades slipped, my social life died, and I was miserable.

I know now that I wasn't alone. I had God on my side. I had my family, and I had friends. I was just so confused and I didn't know what to do. But I know that those people are in Heaven, happily living with God and dancing around and looking down at me and are yelling at me to stop being so stupid. I sometimes picture all three of them eating food and talking about all of us still on earth. And laughing. I think they laugh a lot.

I try not to think about when I was so miserable, and when everything was so bleak. I still suffer from random mood swings, and I've become more closed off since this happened. It's okay though, I'm getting through this.



Thursday, September 13, 2012

day five

Day 5: what are the five things that make you most happy right now?

list? yes.

1. This song

2. the fact that i have no homework that I have to do tonight!

3. this picture


4. the fact that i was going to go work out, but then i decided to eat a microwave dinner in my sports bra and spandex instead. so motivated.

5. sneakers with skirts. so quirky, yet so adorable.

Skirts and sneakers.
I love it so much.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I love fall. I love the scenery, I love the football games, I love the clothes, and I love being able to wear sweats without dying of heat stroke.

But mostly, I love that all the plants that I'm allergic to DIE.

Anyway. Today, it was rainy and cool. So I decided to break out my new rainboots! With my santa monica sweater and a sock bun, it was a lazy dress day. Seriously. I bet my whole outfit cost about $30 bucks ($20 on the boots, $10 on the sweater, the jeans from Kailee). I'm real fancy like that.

So after going to school and "learning" (not that I remember anything that I learned), I came home to an empty house and a cinnamon-y, fall-ish scent in the scentsy. So I decided that fall is near and I'm excited. And that is what reminded me of fall and that is why I'm blogging about it.

random story before I go on with this blog challenge thingy. we found a spider the size of my palm in the basement. not even lying. eww.

So. Day 3.

Describe your relationship with your parents.

My mom is my best friend. She was there for me when no one else was. She knows every single thing about me and she still someone manages to love me. She always puts up with me tagging along with her. You probably think I'm a loser because my best friend is my mom, but quite the contrary. It's awesome to have a best friend who can drive and who will buy you stuff.

My daddy is my hero. He is the one person that holds me together when I'm about to fall apart. I love him so much. He is my role model.

(I wrote that post yesterday. So now I'm doing day 4 since I have free time in computer tech! =D)

Day 4. list ten thing you would tell your sixteen year old self if you could.

since I'm that that age yet, I'll name ten things to tell my seventh grade self.

1. don't be afraid to be yourself. put yourself out there.

2. laugh as much as you possibly can.

3. pay attention in class.

4. not having a best friend won't kill you.

5. boys are dumb.

6. don't worry about how dumb jr high is. high school will make up for it.

7. find good music.

8. read your scriptures.

9. say your prayers.

10. tell your family you love them.

I know. I'm really deep.

and just for giggles...
best hey girl i've ever seen.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 2.

Just got home from school... my brain is fried and I need to relax with my lovely laptop. So here is day two!

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1. fish. not sharks. fish. Not the little goldfish in your tank on your desk. those ugly big fish that are grey and have gigantic eyes. I've been afraid of them ever since we got a boat. We once went boating at Pineview, and the day after I saw a picture of the fish in the lake on the news. It was a picture of a little boy holding this normal looking fish, but it had foot long purple fangs. I couldn't find the actual picture to show you, but looking through those photos seriously gave me the willies. And now I can't go in the fish section of the pet store, and when I swim in a lake I'm so scared a fish will come up and bite my foot off. 

not actual photo of the fish on the article. but seriously. this scares the crap outta me.

2. running over a cardboard box with someone inside of it. Laugh all you want, but seriously. Whenever I'm driving and I see a box in the middle of the road, I think to myself "Don't run over that. You may kill a child hiding underneath." It's totally irrational, but it is what it is.

3. losing control. this is the biggest reason why i suck at skiing. I can't just let myself go down the mountain. I always, always have to have control. always. this is very annoying to most people around me. most people think I'm showing off when I try to be a leader, but I just want it handled. I hate chaos and unplanned things. I am not flexible in scheduling. When I set my mind to a certain event happening, it will happen my way. it's probably my biggest flaw. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I survived.

I did it! I'm alive! I survived my first week of high school!

Aahh! I'm so proud of myself! And I totally am IN LOVE with high school! I love it so much! I love having A B Days! I love seeing new faces (particularly cute boy faces)! I love going out to lunch every day! I love new classes! I love it all!

I'm sorry I didn't blog earlier. I was so overwhelmed and in shock. And I'm sorry if you talked to me and I ignored you or didn't answer you or just looked dazed. I was dazed. But now that I've gotten over the shock that I am in HIGH SCHOOL I can speak to you.

This past week has been full of trips to Smith's for last minute school supplies, stressing out, and sweating. Yes. I said sweating. That school is a sauna. I come home smelling like a barnyard. Good thing I just bought new gel deodorant! And perfume! Yay for sweet smelling things!

I am actually excited to wake up in the morning and go to school. Is that weird? Nerdy? I don't ever care!

Now another announcement.

I have discovered a thirty day blog challenge on pinterest. I've done one of these before when I was first starting out in the blogging world. It's actually pretty crazy how much my writing style has changed in a year (I started my blog about a year ago. Crazy, huh?) So I decided to honor my yearly blog anniversary, I shall do another 30 day blog challenge! Yay! I got it from this blog. feel free to do it with me.

So.. Day 1, List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I love food.
2. I love high school.
3. I have red hair.
4. I cannot tan.
5. I am allergic to watermelon.
6. I am Mormon.
7. I love to read.
8. I love schoolwork.
9. I love to sing.
10. My favorite food is Chocolate Licorice.
11. I always have to triple knot my shoelaces.
12. I prefer Converse to high heels.
13. I am an avid tree climber.
14. I love eating frozen Capri Suns.
15. I hate fingernail polish.
16. I love to ski (but I'm not very good).
17. My favorite color is yellow.
18. I love my puppy.
19. John Lennon is my dream man.
20. I love Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.