Sunday, October 28, 2012


Ever since I started High School, I've been uber tired and just plain lazy. I've just been dead to the world. I go to school, do homework and eat. That's all my day consists of. I don't even blog after school anymore. I draft it at school, during computer tech. And my mom has been getting on my case about doing nothing. She's been telling me to find something that I want to do, and she'll put me in lessons. But I don't want to do anything. And I'm not particularly good at anything. I'm just kind of average all around.

I can ski on blue hills, I can sing fairly simple songs and I can talk to people with no problems. But I need something that I'm exceptional at. So I've come up with a list of my many talents. Here we go.

1. I can eat two boxes of Tostinos Pizza rolls in one sitting.

2. I can pee faster than anyone that I know.

3. I am an excellent procrastinator.

4. I've mastered the art of being able to fall asleep anywhere. 

5. I can put my hair in a messy bun in 10 seconds.


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