Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thank you, Ms. Rowling.

The other day, my brother got a letter from Scotland. It was from JK Rowling. 

Okay, that was just to catch your attention. He actually did get a letter from her, but it was typed and her signature was printed. It was because over a year ago, he wrote her a letter telling her how much Harry Potter has influenced his life, and how much he loves it.

I wanted to write one. So here's mine.

Dear Ms. Rowling,

You probably get a million and one letters from fans every day. And you're never going to even read this (most likely). But I just want to write and tell you how amazing you are. I know I'm not the only Harry Potter fan out there. I know that I'm not the only one who's been influenced by your amazing books and movies. But I just have to get this out in the open.

Your books have helped me in the hardest parts of my life. Your characters were my friends when I had none, or when my real friends were being mean. The wizarding world was there when my own world was crumbling around me. 

Dumbledore's advice was comforting, Fred and George made me laugh in the darkest situations and Harry was (and still is) my inspiration. Hermione was there when I was confused, Ron was there as my rock. Snape helped me to break stereotypes and judgement. Neville helped me realize that I can stand up to my friends. Hagrid helped me look past appearances and see the good in everyone. Molly taught me about motherly love. I can go on and on and on, but I won't, for my reader's sake.

When your characters died, I bawled. I would sit in my room, mourning them. I still do that from time to time. Because they are gone in my mind. The books and movies are just memories of them. And let me tell you, that completely kills me. Especially Fred. Oh man. I can't even talk about it.

A week ago, it has been a year since HP Deathly Hallows part 2 came out. And most people say that it's "over." But it's never over. We are the Potter Generation, and it will live inside us. I will never forget about my boy under the stairs for as long as I live. So thank you, Ms. Rowling, for absolutely everything that you have given us. You will never understand how much Harry means to me.

Love, Emmie Brown

don't cry like I did. Or cry. Whatever one.

great scene.

oh love.

"You okay Fred?"

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Taylor Swift

I know you think that because I love music that no one else knows of, I should hate T. Swift. But, she's actually my guilty pleasure. I've watched her concert video, own a Tshirt and know almost all of her songs. I guess I'm an average teenager in this department. But I just adore her. She's adorable, she's clean, and all of her songs are relatable. I know that a lot of them are about love and boys, but some of them are deep and insightful. I like them. Judge me, or agree. It's just my opinion.

But, because this can be random and because this post is just an update and has no specific topic, I have to say, that feeling these keys tap under my fingers feels wonderful. Spilling out all of the thoughts in my head and seeing them on paper is one of my favorite things in the world. I love writing. Which brings me to the topic that ties these two first paragraphs together.

I have an embarrassing secret. In seventh grade, I started writing songs because of Swift. And they are the most mortifying things on this planet. I discovered the songbook the other day and I was really embarrassed about my writing skills. For example:

I've never felt as good as I feel 
When I'm with you.
I've never dreamed as much as I have
When I'm with you.
And I've never wished so hard to be with you.

To make this even more painful to read, I had dedicated each song to the certain boy that I had a crush on. And before I actually had some sense slapped into my brain after dealing with boys after seventh grade, it was almost every boy that would come up and talk to me. So odds are, if you're a boy and I met you before or during seventh grade, you have a song written about you. I hope that lifts your self esteem.

Speaking of self esteem, mine kind of took a punch over the last couple of days. Some stupid boy told me I wasn't pretty, and even though I'm not basing my life around looks, and I don't care what this particular kid thinks of me, it's like a sliver. I keep picking and picking at it and it's been bugging me. I'm not fishing for compliments, so don't hand them out. I was just saying what was on my mind.

On the brighter side, I've learned that I love to play COD (although I suck) and I have fantastic friends who I  grow to love more and more every day. 

Happy Monday night!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm a teenager.

Being a teenager girl is so weird. One second you're high on life, the next you feel like a llama herd trampled on your spleen (I'm not sure what that would feel like, but I'm pretty sure it would suck). I was in such a happy mood last night. I swam with my friends, and had a blast. I went shopping today, then went to Landry's. Then we watched some TV, and that's when I just started feeling depressed. And I don't even know why. I really honestly don't. I just feel like a Dementor entered the room (HP reference). All my happiness is sucked out of me. 

So I'm trying to make myself feel better. I've been listening to Jack Johnson, trying to practice voice, cleaning my room, organizing my shoes. But nothing has worked! And I really love organizing my shoes! I've tried looking through old Jazz Band pictures (and by the way, I bought a sweatshirt today that says I (picture of a wave) Santa Monica, Jazz Band readers. Wearing it right now) but it's not helping. Why is my brain freaking out at me? Why am I sad?!

Okay. This whole post was to stop thinking about my sadness, so I'll post about my friends.

My dear, dear lovely friends who I adore. I'm sorry if that creeps you out friends. But really, I love you. Especially the ones that I've made/grown closer to since school got out. Before I met you, I forgot that most friends are drama free, and can be fun and make you laugh SO hard. I love how we can have so much fun together. I love how I can ALWAYS feel included, even when I invite myself. And sometimes, I don't even have to invite myself! Because you include me! I love that! After this year of drama and school that was difficult, you have no idea how amazing it is to have you guys. I'm sorry if I creep you out by telling you how much I love you, but I'll shout it from the rooftops. Thank you! I love you! 

That actually did make me feel a little better. 

I love you guys. A lot more than it is healthy.

okay. llama's stepping on my spleen again. someone make me cookies or give me a hug.

what is wrong with me?!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Quirk. Quirk. Hehe. It's a funny word, and after typing it a few times, you start to question it's existence. 

But. I decided (because our carpets are getting cleaned and my mom has to "supervise" and she won't give me a ride so I can't invite myself anywhere and I'm bored) I will list many many (hopefully lovable) quirks to you. Are you excited?!

And because I'm so fond of lists:

Quirks of Emmie (I just really love the word Quirks. hehe)

1. As mentioned before, I invite myself places. Tell me that you're doing something fun, I come too. And I don't even ask. Everyone probably gets super annoyed, but oh well. I'm fun, I take up little space, and I clean up after myself. So you can take me anywhere!

2. I have to use this certain kind of spoon at my house. It is the PERFECT size and has these cute decorative lines on it. If it's not clean, I have to locate and hand wash it to eat something. 

3. I don't really have boundaries. I answered the door the other day while wearing spandex and a sports bra after working out. My brother's friend will probably never come here again.

4. I'm an open book. I'll tell you if I peed my pants, or who I have a crush on (not that I have a crush right now. Haven't for six months! whoo hoo!) if I'm on my period (sorry if that's awkward for you) or if I have to pee. If it's in my head, it comes out of my mouth.

5. I'm SUPER immature sometimes. Not all of the time. But it happens. 

6. I cannot wink. Well, I can. But not well.

7. My rainboots are my favorite article of clothing.

8. I like chocolate licorice. Most people are disgusted by it. But mmmmm. 

9. I am a church-a-holic. I try to go as much as I can because I LOVE it. Yesterday, my tummy felt like a bear was inside clawing at my innards and I still went. (I'm also a YW a holic. and  Trek a holic).

That's all I can think of.

PS: I miss Trek like crazy. I had a dream about it the other night. I may share. But probably not.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I promised to blog.

I promised Harley I would blog about my night. So even though I'm exhausted, I will try my best. I also am blogging because Mitch let me take a couple embarrassing pictures of him that I promised NOT to put in the internet. I'm very sad about this ordeal, because the pictures show off his manliness and his amazing tan line. I cannot say any more.

So. I woke up at 11 this morning and I was in my PJs all day. ALL DAY. I got up, ate, and then watched TV. I caught up on my dance moms and my pretty little liars, and then I watched Disney movies! I know that you care so much about what I watched, so it is important to tell you. Then, at six pm I decided that it would be productive to maybe get out of my pajamas and put on some clothes. After that was accomplished, I invited myself to Mitch's house, where his mother showed me amazing baby pictures of him. He was embarrassed and I was delighted. He kept putting his head down at the table and telling his mom to stop. Joy.

Then, Mitch drove us to Harley's house (Mitch driving was an experience all in itself) and we started a movie. But then we got distracted and went to the spinny park! It's this park with a lot of toys that spin you around. And I honestly almost upchucked all over the entire planet because I totally overdid it. Then we listened to music and walked back, where we decided to play Apples to Apples! Which, let me tell you, is a game that I suck at. I only got one card during the whole thing! ONE! I lost.

Then my mama came to give me and all those crazy boys a ride home. And after Stockton, Junho, Mama and I went on a midnight chocolate shake run! Where Stockton danced in the McDonald's parking lot!

And that was my night. You're welcome Harley.

PS: Bucket list update.

12. Watch every single Avatar episode. All in a row.

17. Get many blisters on Trek!

3. Get my permit :)

and in case you don't know what Avatar the Last Airbender is: it's a cartoon japanese show that aired on Nickelodeon forever ago. I used to watch it. I discovered it on Netflix and watched all of the the episodes in just four days non stop with my brothers.

Happy Summer!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I could tell you.

I've put on my sweats. My hair is in a messy bun. My King Charles music is blasting. I am secluded and won't be interrupted. I even have a thesaurus tab open in case I run out of words. The perfect recipe for a kick-butt blog post. But I can't decided what kind of story to tell.

I could tell you about my Fourth of July adventures. I could tell you about getting stranded at the rec center by myself. I could tell you how much I love fireworks. Or how I told a hot boy at Eaglewood to Facebook stalk me. I could tell you how great my friends are.

I could tell you how much I love my Jazz Band friends. I could tell you about our firework adventures. I could tell you about our video games/facebook/youtube experiences.

I could tell you about how I love when you can feel the explosion of fireworks in your chest. How it's like a base drum. I could tell you how much I love our country. How grateful I am for all of our servicemen/women and our freedoms.

I could tell you how grateful I was/am for this rain. I could tell you how I wore my rainboots today and went puddle jumping.

I could tell you how much I miss Trek. How much I miss laughing every second of the day. How much I miss those stars. How much I miss feeling the spirit so strongly.

I could tell you that my room is a mess.

I could tell you that I can't stop smiling because my life is so perfect in a messy way. I could tell you that I'm the happiest I've ever been.  I could tell you that I know who my real friends are now, and it has made all the difference.

I could tell you about the sunset we had today. I could describe it as a florescent pink dipped in bright orange, dripping with yellow and purple.

I could tell you how much I love my life and summer.

I could tell you it all. But you already know about it.

Monday, July 2, 2012

thank you!


I feel cooler than the kid that had facial hair in sixth grade.

This is just a quick post because I'm exhausted and I've been gone all day. So when I finally got home (about five minutes ago) I decided to check my stats on my posts.

Holy cow. Your response has been so overwhelming! I've gotten emails, facebook messages, likes on facebook, comments, and the most pageviews I've EVER gotten on one post, in less than 24 hours.

So even though I don't do this for all the attention and the number of views, I sure do appreciate it! so thank you so much! even if you read it just to roll your eyes and call me stupid! thank you for reading it!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I am Emmie, hear me roar!

Before I get to the deep stuff, I have to say that I feel really bad for whoever I talk to. I always manage to sneak in a Trek reference. I've borne my testimony about it so many times (I actually got up in Sacrament today. I feel great!) I'm sorry if I've annoyed you, but I'm not going to stop. I'm on a spiritual high right now!

Now for the real stuff. I've talked about the "Bountiful Mold" many many times. And I know that just one person can't break it. And although I'm trying not the be that mold, I can't force everyone else to do the same. Everyone is is their own person and has the right to be whatever they want to be. But the best person to be is you.

People may stare. People may gossip. People may ignore you. But you're not alive to please others. And even if you feel stupid at first, you'll grow out of it. This may be really really hard to believe, but I was silent in seventh grade. I kept all my opinions and thoughts to myself. I dressed the same way everyone else did, I did the same activities. And guess what? I was absolutely miserable. I was really sad all the time, and I didn't know why I didn't fit in.

I can't say I had a magical moment when I realized to snap out of it and be myself. I guess because I was so lonely, I got to know myself. And I became really comfortable with myself. And somewhere along the way, I started being ME. And now, no one can change that. I don't care what anyone thinks of me except for my mom, and my Heavenly Father. I know that sounds super cheesy, but it's the absolute truth. You can hate my guts, you can gossip about me, you can even not be my friend, but I will never ever be or do something that's not me for friendship/acceptance. Never.

I've also noticed a lot of copying. Not really copying me. Although (not to be arrogant, because it really creeps me out) I've noticed a couple people copy me from time to time. And it annoys me. Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

So who is the real Emmie? The real Emmie is a flat out freak. I'm a spaz. I do really weird things for fun. I'm addicted to writing and the internet. I am a pale red head, and I don't want to tan (tanned skin cells are damaged skin cells, FYI (that FYI was for you, Doug)). I am stubborn and tough as nails. I can get lazy sometimes, but most of the time I work my butt off. I am a underweight, and I get made fun of ALL THE TIME. (A lot of the time, it's by my own friends. It's so ironic, it kills me.) I can handle anything that is thrown my way with God's help. I dress modestly. I am religious, and I will share it. I am a daughter of God. I am beautiful. I am smart. I am strong. I am confident.

You probably think I have a big head, but I'm not going to shove this down your throat. 

So the main message is to BE YOURSELF. Please.

This is me.

Be yourself!

See yourself ~ Be yourself

be yourself.

Be yourself... be yourself

and just because it's true/awesome/hilarious...

oh snap!