Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I have a lot of thoughts running around in my head today. So, with that being said, this post will be random. But don't worry, I have a lot of good thoughts.

thought one: High School. I went to orientation today. BHS is like the Labyrinth. Without the singing puppets and David Bowie. It is gigantic, and quite confusing. The tour we were given just made it even worse. I was on the first floor, and then turned around and I was on the fifth! Aah! So confusing. Oh well. I know I can handle getting lost a few times. Or maybe more than a few.

thought two: I'm actually going to high school. I remember being little and thinking that high school kids were giant, mean, and scary. And now I'm going to be one of them! I only have about three years left at home. Holy cow.

thought three: I'm learning to play this song on the piano. I've gotten pretty far too.

thought four: today, while waiting for people to answer my texts so we could hang out, I was cruising Pinterest, and stumbled across this blog post. I loved it so much. My favorite part was this:

"There will be all kinds of people at high school.  This will give you a glimpse of what the world feels like.  There will be lots of new faces and you will be tempted to compare yourself to others.  Don’t do it.  Comparison is the tool of the devil.  See, the fact is, there is no comparison.  Each person is unique and beautiful and created by God who loves them.  We come in all shapes and sizes…we excel in different things…we have different gifts but we are all important and vital parts of this world.  We were created for a reason and God has great plans for us.  We can’t compare ourselves because our journeys are so different.  It’s like a giant puzzle…we all look different but without one of us, the big picture would not be complete."

ahhh. I love it so much. This is the point I'm always trying to stress. And how I try to live. This woman just put it into words that make more sense, and that are far more beautiful than mine. 

thought five: I only have five days until school. FIVE. oh my gosh.

thought six: Guess what Harry Potter, Disney loving geek is going to Florida in November? That is right, me. Harry Potter World and Disney World all in one trip. And I'm so freaking excited. I cannot express to you how excited I am. I seriously can't. I was speechless when my mom told me. I will dedicate a whole post to this soon, I promise. But AAAAAHHHHH!

thought seven:

i still do this.
this picture.

thought eight: more Beatles songs:

okay. Now I'm done.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

ideas please?

so.. normally I just blog for fun.

or I blog to update and tell stories.

but this is the first time I've blogged for help!

don't worry. It's not a serious problem. I'm just hitting a creative wall. this is going to sound so nerdy, but I need ideas.

I need ways to store lip products. no, i am not kidding. I'm so OCD that I have to find a cute and easy way to store them. I have so many. probably 30 lip glosses and five lip sticks and a bajillion chapsticks and a few lip butters. I've looked it up online, and there are these special lip product holders, but I don't really feel  like paying $50 dollars for something that I can figure out a solution to. and no one else has asked this question. even pinterest has failed me this time!

right now half of my lip glosses are sitting in an empty wine glass that I found at the back of our cupboard. But it's way too small and it doesn't fit when I close my vanity up.

You're laughing at my OCD now. I know you are. But seriously. I'm calling all of you creative minds out there! If you have an idea, or think of something that I can do, please comment and tell me! Comment on my facebook! on this blog! text me! message me! email me! HELP ME PLEASE!

thanks for putting up with my weirdness. Carry on.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Fifteen Days to Live.

Fifteen days are left of summer. FIFTEEN DAYS! This summer has gone by crazy fast! And although I'm excited to start high school, this has been the best summer of my life. I don't want it to end!

My summer bucket list still has many things to get crossed off, and it is my duty to get as much done as possible. So here's the things I still need to do:

4. Go on the Catapult at Lagoon with Robert! Dun dun dun!

7. Get a goldfish and keep it alive longer than three days.

8. Sleep in a tree. Since Reagan told me about her sleeping tree, I've been dying to try it.

9. Actually accomplish an All Nighter. I've tried many times to no avail.

13. Go on a Bigfoot Excursion. 

14. Play TONS of tennis.

19. Install a hammock.

20. Bake.

21. Ice Cream for dinner.

22. Red Butte Gardens aka my favorite place in the world (if I take a Claratin before I go).

23. Zoo! I love the zoo!

Holy cow. that is many things to do in just two meager weeks. Holy cow. Summer is almost over. Noooooooo. Well, I better go start my list and stop blogging. Aaaah! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chocolate Cake.

If you know me, you know that I cannot cook. At all. I burn the bottoms of pans while boiling water. The only thing that I can make that tastes delicious is frozen dinners and Ramen. And sometimes a turkey sandwich. And not even all the time because I put too much mayo on it.

I suck at cooking.

Anyway, today, I was waiting for my boys to get out of two-a-day football conditioning so we could play, when I decided to expand my cooking talent. I don't really want my future family living off of frozen pizzas and ramen, do I? No!

So, I got up off the couch after looking at delicious pinterest recipes and decided to make some gooey butter pink lemonade cookies.

While searching through the pantry to find the ingredients, aka the tools to my next greatest achievement, I ran into a little snag: my mother doesn't cook either. So we have no cooking ingredients. None. Zilch. We don't even have flour. FLOUR. So I went back to the drawing board for recipes I could actually attempt.

Then, I came across a lovely article on making a cake in a mug. How magical is that?! It seemed so fool-proof. It was perfect for someone (me) so ill-educated in the culinary arts. 

I got to work collecting my three ingredients, coco powder, powdered sugar and eggs. That much was accessible to me. I proceeded to crack the egg in the mug, and added the dry ingredients, which I whisked oh-so-expertly into a rich chocolate liquid.

The instructions told me to microwave it for 50-60 seconds. I decided 55 because it was in the middle.

The microwave going, my mouth watering in anticipation every passing second. I was finally going to accomplish something delicious! Something that my mother would actually eat! Something I could brag about to Desi (aka the teen Rachel Ray)! 

The microwave finally let out the wonderful beep, informing me that deliciousness was just a bite away. But immediately taking out the mug, I knew something was wrong. It was very very very liquid-y. It also smelled like burnt rubber and had the consistency of a sponge filled with slime. 

But I am not a believer in appearances! I was ready to eat that cake if it killed me! My fork poised in the air, like a jaguar in a tree, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting prey (the cake), I took a bite. And almost threw up.

It was awful. AWFUL. It was slimy, and sticky, and it tasted like a car tire (trust me, I've licked one of those. Ick). It had chunks of cooked egg in it. I went to my innocent mother and made her try it, just in case I was being delusional. Nope. It was nasty.

I then threw the cake in the trash, along with my hopes and dreams.

And now my frozen pizza is cooking in the oven. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Things I love Monday.

Mondays are pretty bleak. Not during the summer, obviously, but during the school year. Even sometimes in the summer, I just get that Monday cloud hanging over my head. So, I decided to make my Monday's positive. To keep up with my updates on life, and my blog so I don't really forget, I'm starting "Things I love Monday." Which basically is my favorite things that I can think of that particular day. This actually wasn't originally my idea. It was Gala Darling's, (except on her blog, it's things I love Thursday. Much more alliteration, but I tried not to be a total copy cat).  Check out her blog at

On to the positivity! (And because I love lists so much)

In this Shirt- by the Irrepressibles. one of my new favorite songs.

Also, A-Team by Ed Sheeran is fantastic.

My lovely sparkly supergirl cape from magic mountain has been around my shoulders all day.

Hubba Bubble Gum.

COD. I know, I'm a hardcore gamer for using the lingo. But actually, it's pretty fun when I'm not screaming my head off.

Partying on the Boulevard with my friends. I'm an official high schooler now.



my fantastic, wonderful friends who I have made this summer.

watching hilarious youtube videos.

Mean Girls, aka the best movie ever was recorded just for me!

My purple shorts.

fishtail braids.


that's all for today! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm just a spaz.

I haven't blogged in two weeks! That's a long time for me! It's because I haven't had any ideas, I've had a writers block. But I'll just give an update, and then go from there.

So. In my two weeks, I went to Girl's Camp, hung out with my friends, went swimming, ate tons of delicious food, and read. That's basically my life in the summer. And I love it! I love not having any schedules for a while, I love making my own plans.

I'll just go in order of how I listed things. Girl's Camp was pretty great. It was shorter this year because of Trek (I get to see my family on August 16. I'm beyond excited). At camp, me and Desiree brought many things to entertain us. Examples are, fart putty, silly string, bubbles, a kite, those echo microphone things, and tons of candy. Needless to say, we were a hyper mess the whole time. The best thing ever was using the fart putty in the bathroom stalls with my beloved trek sis, Taylor. We bonded very much over those silly fart sounds. My favorite incident was when Taylor was in the stall, moaning and groaning, and all of us were laughing when this one girl was like, "Guys, be quiet. It's not like everyone doesn't do it." I just about peed my pants. Oh joy.

I also learned how to play the uke (and my fingers have callouses to prove it), had a funeral for a dead chipmunk, and stayed up till the wee hours of the morning laughing my head off with Becca and Lexi.

It was a very successful camp, I must say.

Then, I got home and just hung out with everyone. I played COD (which stresses me out so bad), sat on Mitch's couch, ate candy, swam a bit, cleaned my room lots, went to rocket park a couple times, played tennis, drove around lots (I'm actually getting really good), and just had fun here in good ol' Bountiful.

Not very exciting, but very fun to me.

bucket list time!!

10. Stargaze. In the back of Landry's truck, on my tramp, the roof, the deck. It's happening.
I actually stargazed at Trek (the stars were fantastic) but I forgot about it until now.

11. Chalk the Boulevard. I did with Junho and Tess forever ago 

16. I'm going to enjoy Girls Camp IF IT KILLS ME. I've hated it every year (except my third year when we went tubing and I had an awesome tent family). I enjoyed it.

18. Read. Read. Read.

that's all for today!

and just because I miss the Jazz Band trip...

so me.