Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm just a spaz.

I haven't blogged in two weeks! That's a long time for me! It's because I haven't had any ideas, I've had a writers block. But I'll just give an update, and then go from there.

So. In my two weeks, I went to Girl's Camp, hung out with my friends, went swimming, ate tons of delicious food, and read. That's basically my life in the summer. And I love it! I love not having any schedules for a while, I love making my own plans.

I'll just go in order of how I listed things. Girl's Camp was pretty great. It was shorter this year because of Trek (I get to see my family on August 16. I'm beyond excited). At camp, me and Desiree brought many things to entertain us. Examples are, fart putty, silly string, bubbles, a kite, those echo microphone things, and tons of candy. Needless to say, we were a hyper mess the whole time. The best thing ever was using the fart putty in the bathroom stalls with my beloved trek sis, Taylor. We bonded very much over those silly fart sounds. My favorite incident was when Taylor was in the stall, moaning and groaning, and all of us were laughing when this one girl was like, "Guys, be quiet. It's not like everyone doesn't do it." I just about peed my pants. Oh joy.

I also learned how to play the uke (and my fingers have callouses to prove it), had a funeral for a dead chipmunk, and stayed up till the wee hours of the morning laughing my head off with Becca and Lexi.

It was a very successful camp, I must say.

Then, I got home and just hung out with everyone. I played COD (which stresses me out so bad), sat on Mitch's couch, ate candy, swam a bit, cleaned my room lots, went to rocket park a couple times, played tennis, drove around lots (I'm actually getting really good), and just had fun here in good ol' Bountiful.

Not very exciting, but very fun to me.

bucket list time!!

10. Stargaze. In the back of Landry's truck, on my tramp, the roof, the deck. It's happening.
I actually stargazed at Trek (the stars were fantastic) but I forgot about it until now.

11. Chalk the Boulevard. I did with Junho and Tess forever ago 

16. I'm going to enjoy Girls Camp IF IT KILLS ME. I've hated it every year (except my third year when we went tubing and I had an awesome tent family). I enjoyed it.

18. Read. Read. Read.

that's all for today!

and just because I miss the Jazz Band trip...

so me.

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