Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I have a lot of thoughts running around in my head today. So, with that being said, this post will be random. But don't worry, I have a lot of good thoughts.

thought one: High School. I went to orientation today. BHS is like the Labyrinth. Without the singing puppets and David Bowie. It is gigantic, and quite confusing. The tour we were given just made it even worse. I was on the first floor, and then turned around and I was on the fifth! Aah! So confusing. Oh well. I know I can handle getting lost a few times. Or maybe more than a few.

thought two: I'm actually going to high school. I remember being little and thinking that high school kids were giant, mean, and scary. And now I'm going to be one of them! I only have about three years left at home. Holy cow.

thought three: I'm learning to play this song on the piano. I've gotten pretty far too.

thought four: today, while waiting for people to answer my texts so we could hang out, I was cruising Pinterest, and stumbled across this blog post. I loved it so much. My favorite part was this:

"There will be all kinds of people at high school.  This will give you a glimpse of what the world feels like.  There will be lots of new faces and you will be tempted to compare yourself to others.  Don’t do it.  Comparison is the tool of the devil.  See, the fact is, there is no comparison.  Each person is unique and beautiful and created by God who loves them.  We come in all shapes and sizes…we excel in different things…we have different gifts but we are all important and vital parts of this world.  We were created for a reason and God has great plans for us.  We can’t compare ourselves because our journeys are so different.  It’s like a giant puzzle…we all look different but without one of us, the big picture would not be complete."

ahhh. I love it so much. This is the point I'm always trying to stress. And how I try to live. This woman just put it into words that make more sense, and that are far more beautiful than mine. 

thought five: I only have five days until school. FIVE. oh my gosh.

thought six: Guess what Harry Potter, Disney loving geek is going to Florida in November? That is right, me. Harry Potter World and Disney World all in one trip. And I'm so freaking excited. I cannot express to you how excited I am. I seriously can't. I was speechless when my mom told me. I will dedicate a whole post to this soon, I promise. But AAAAAHHHHH!

thought seven:

i still do this.
this picture.

thought eight: more Beatles songs:

okay. Now I'm done.

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