Wednesday, March 28, 2012

happy 118th post to me!

I'm strange. And I like to celebrate strange little random things in my life. So... happy 118th post to me!

My blog is basically my therapist. I vent, I say random things, I tell happy little stories and it just makes me happy. Just to have something that's all mine, and it's not about anyone else but me. It's nice to know that you can choose to read this, so I'm not bragging about myself or talking too much about myself. Well, I am. But you read it anyway!

These past few months blogging, I've learned a lot about myself. I've grown a lot. My thought process has been sorted out a little more, it's not as jumbled. My writing has improved and so has my self-esteem. I admit, I think I'm freaking hilarious. After I read my posts I think, "Am I really that funny? Who wrote this?" Brag. I know. And I don't care. :)

So thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU! Yep. YOU. For reading my ramblings, for (hopefully) laughing at my jokes, for everything. I truly appreciate you.

and now, to celebrate: random pictures that I love. I know. Random.



oh my goodness.
This is fantastic.

that's just it. I know. Random. Ah well.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Hunger Games!

so... i haven't had much time and I couldn't report back to you on the Hunger Games the second I saw it. But since I saw it at midnight, it would've been way to early/late to blog. But I guess that's a good thing, because then I won't spoil it for very many of you. don't worry, I'll try not to leak out anything important.

so. it was absolutely incredible. I was worried it was going to be a bomb because of how the Percy Jackson movie turned out. But it really was phenomenal. It was cast to perfection (I have a woman crush on Jennifer Lawrence and also on the guy who played Cato. He was THE most attractive guy I've ever seen. Ever.) the camera work was stunning, the costumes and makeup were unbelievable (although I expected so much more from Katniss' interview dresses) and even the violence was toned down. I was worried they wouldn't be able to do that without ruining the plot, but it was really great. One of the best scenes was the first Cornucopia part and the last one with Cato dripping blood, holding Peeta near the edge of the Cornucopia... ohhh chills. And Rue's scene was amazing. the emotions were amazing. I teared up a little. The wolves at the end could've been so much better though. (even though I practically peed my pants when one jumped out). I loved how the portrayed the gamemakers. I loved President Snow and Effie. I loved Gale and Prim and Katniss' mom. I loved the setting. I loved the tracker jacker scene. I loved Rue's mockingjay tune. I loved all of it.

I've loved the books since Camille Johnson told me and my mom about them and I bought it on Kindle. I read it twice in a week. I've loved all the books except the ending of Mockingjay. But we can discuss that later.

I just loved every second of it and I'm dying for Catching Fire. 

May the odds be ever in your favor!
she was perfect.

it was amazing! 
team cato.
he is beautiful. I love Cato!!!!


just the hottest guys on the planet. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

these boots were made for walkin'.

so... all of those who go to school with me know about my red rain boots. i wear them at least once a week with anything (mostly sweats, since that's what I usually wear anyway). but they're my sassy boots. They sparkle and they're spunky. Even Mrs. Anderson can't find me without them. this was my ode to my lovely boots.

thanks to instagram. my babies.

so... update on my life. this weekend has been extremely stressful, filled with the play and some other stuff. and today, I spent all day with Candace and Desi and Ma picking out beads and eating at noodles and company (yessss) and H&M =)

the play... me and Desi have to do the spotlight and it makes me cry. it's hard and hot and you have to actually pay attention. and this week I was at the school a couple of nights until midnight.

instead of helping... i take pictures of myself with the props.


but when i went to Kai's last night, i was so tired i just was on the couch and pretty much out while she colored pictures of Justin Bieber. I am just the funnest friend ever.

speaking of Kailee, (and since I actually synced my phone pictures to my laptop) funny pictures of my conversations with her Siri:

our love is forbidden

no school monday! and five days until hunger games!!!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Diet Coke sweetened with Splenda

Yes. It exists. And it is nasty. And it is possibly the dumbest idea ever.
Because if you're gonna drink Diet Coke, you have to drink it with all it's toxic chemicals and caffeine and sugar. 

really. who comes up with this garbage?

with all the sugar and nasty food I've been eating, I should be going easy on the stuff. But I can't. I can't because I need the caffeine. And I need the sugar to keep me awake. Because end of term + daylight savings = lots of crying and stress and zits. My poor, poor face.

Wanna hear funny quotes that have collected over the past few weeks? I knew you would.

Mrs. Holbrook: Guys, be quiet. You and your sonnet are having a moment.

Elysia: I can TOO go outside without a shirt on!

Me: When I was born, my mom cried because I was so ugly.

Laura: Your bath salts smell like an old woman.

Millie: Last night, I had a dream I got pregnant. And I didn't know who the father was.

I enjoy life. And Sugar. And caffeine.

8 days until Hunger Games Midnight Premiere.

I know you're jealous.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


If you haven't heard that song by Noah and the Whale, it is highly recommended. And I know good music.

but I just wanted to talk about my life.

My life has been crazy these past few months. This week alone, I've had mountains of homework due, worked with Ma at the Elementary School play for many hours (only a week until performances! my little kidlings and gonna be awesome!), gone to choir festival (we only got ONE 1-. ONE. in the world of choir, that is a good thing. the rest were ones. just to let ya know), listened to countless hours of Mumford and Sons, and have spent pointless hours on the internet.

Let's dissect this list one at a time. One, homework. Most of it is from Honors English. Oh, that devil class. It is so. much. work. Just makes me wanna cry sad sad sad tears. I've been retaking all or nothing tests, reading Romeo and Juliet (gag me) and memorizing Sonnets.

And since we're on the subject, let me just tell you that Romeo was a freaking Pansy. Really. He wore tights, and fell in love every other second of his life. And just a random fact, Romeo was sixteen and Juliet was only THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. Sick? Yes. I read the whole play and it was pointless. I mean, she almost kills herself? And then she doesn't have the decency to tell Romeo her plan so then he goes and really kills himself and then they just both die. A lot of people die. Just for two star crossed lovers. And another part that bugs me is that they looked at each other and then started making out and fell in love. Thirteen year olds cannot FALL IN LOVE. They're KIDS. Romeo was still a KID. Ugh. This play irks me.

Next, the play. Holy. Crap. We have a week. For all of you who don't know, my mama is directing the school play at Holbrook. And it's gonna be epic. And I've been at the school for  few late nights now and it is extremely boring. So, I play with props.

okay, I'm bored of writing.


nine days till hunger games midnight premiere SUCKAS!!!!!! 

: please enjoy this pictures that I enjoy.

okay. this is funny.

yes. yes it does.

stupid math.
replace math with English and you are correct.


I'd fall for it.
I'd fall for it.




Sunday, March 11, 2012


no, not my strange dreams. (although, I've had a few more. But they were kinda weird so I'm not going to share). I'm talking about those dreams where you want to be a ballerina, or swim in a pool of Jello.

I've been thinking about dreams and the future lately, because we had career day last week. And it scared the crap outta me. If you haven't noticed, I'm extremely immature. And I just act like a little kid. I can be mature, but I choose not to. So when you have a bunch of people telling you to get ready to be in charge and save money and have no fun and all seriousness at college and in the "real world" you just kinda wanna go make a fort and cry in it.

I'm not saying I'm not independent. I'm a little too independent and stubborn. But I'm just immature and I don't wanna grow up.

So I was just thinking about what I wanted to be when I grow up and what I wanted to do. And it has been a strange though process and quite "blog worthy". So here they are!

because I'm a fan of lists, here ya go.

1. Go skydiving. I wanna do this sooooooooo bad. So. Bad.

2. Go to Italy. By myself. I love to be by myself and travel. And Italy sounds awesome.

3. Get married. I know I say that I'm going to be forever alone, but in truth I really want to get married and have kids. A lot of kids. And pets. Oh yes.

4. Become an amazing skier. I love to ski, but I'm not coordinated. So I kinda fall a lot. 

5. Be able to dance. for once in my life.

6. Pet a tiger or hold a baby Koala. and own a monkey. ya know.


8. Ride an elephant. hmmm. I think I like animals.

9. Graduate from College and High School.

10. Swim in a pool of Jello. Why not?

11. Shark. Diving. Adrenalin? Yep.

12. Go to Harry Potter World. Please. Please. Please.

this is all I can think of.

follow your dreams

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make him visible.

I know my blog is small, and I don't get very many pageviews. 

But however insignificant this may be, I'm sharing the idea of Kony 2012.

Last night on Pinterest, I kept seeing these signs that said 'Kony 2012, stop at nothing" and I didn't get it. But today at school, I saw a few posters too.  and Mrs. Thompson explained it to our whole math class.

Joseph Kony is a "leader" in Uganda, Africa. For over twenty years, he's been abducting children from their homes in Africa and making them soldiers and sex slaves. 

So today, I looked up Kony 2012 on youtube and I watched the whole thirty minute video.

The video proposes this: only 99% of the world knows about Kony. And to stop his crimes, we're making him famous. We're doing this not or his glory, but to put his horrific crimes in the light. 

watch it. all of it. and share it. 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

okay. that wasn't a long post.

so... that last post wasn't very long. I had to get off the computer to read my biology chapter. So, now that I'm home alone, I can write as long as I want! Or at least until I have to to homework.

So. I shall write about visiting elementary schools today. being an officer, you get to go with the counselors to elementary schools to tell them how awesome jr high is. When I told my dad we would be doing this, he said, "Good luck making them believe you."

Jr. High is fun for a while, but after the first semester, the teachers expect you to work. And learn. And PAY ATTENTION. And not sleep in class.


So today I went to my old elementary, Holbrook. And it was a blast! I went with Ethan, Ster, and Jessica. And we told all the kidlings that Jr high was fun, and we got to tell them the Mr. Chandler story. The bus one.

if you haven't heard of the bus story, get ready for excitement! So, Mr Chandler (shop teacher) was driving in by Blockbuster the other week. And he sees this bus rolling away with no one in it, so somehow he manages to get on the bus and park it in the Smith's parking lot UNHURT! I know. Freaking amazing. When Camille told us this, she called him Super Grover.

Sorry, I get distracted. So anyway, we tell the kids that it's fun and I accidentally hit Jessie in the head with my elbow. And them Jessie told them that they all had to keep their cell phones turned off in their locker and more than half of the freaking class had phones. I didn't get mine until eighth grade!!!! kids these days...

and then we missed two classes and Mrs. Schafer bought us bagels. And it was joy.

I can't think of what to write. lemme google this situation...

Google tells me that I should write about what I wonder about.

Okay, here goes.

I wonder where words go when you erase them.

I wonder how glass is made.

I wonder how some girls just don't get the hint that they post on Facebook way too much.

I wonder how I sound to other people.

I wonder if other people think that I'm as hilarious and I think I am.

I wonder if that sentence just made sense.

I wonder if I will ever be able to fly.

I wonder if my weird dreams will ever stop.

I wonder who I'll marry and what my kids will look like.

I wonder if the kinds of boys that are in romantic movies even exist.
I wonder who decided what romantic was. Or why they decided it.

I wonder what people I don't know think about me.

I wonder why other people judge everyone so much.

I wonder why I sing so well in the shower, but when I get out I don't sound as good.

I wonder why society worships celebrities.

I wonder if there are planets like ours, but in another galaxy.

I wonder if there is someone who looks exactly like me.

I wonder if the universe really does go on for forever.

I wonder if we really could go through mirrors, but our reflections just get in the way.

I wonder why we have deja vu?

I wonder why I hate green beans so much.

Now I'm supposed to write about my 'safe place" I'm just doing what the internet tells me.

My safe place is inside my head. Seriously. I can zone out and daydream at any time. It's an awesome talent of mine that I've perfected over the years. But I can imagine perfect scenarios, or weird ones, without anyone judging me or criticizing me. I can go anywhere or be anyone. 

I know this is getting extremely long, but this is actually really good therapy. I love writing. Love it more than anything else (except maybe Harry Potter).

Okay, I'm doing one more idea that the internet tells me. I'm writing about a backwards world.

In a backwards world, girls ask the boys out and they pay for the dates.

Dogs take us on walks.

Boys cry in public.

Men are known for housework and women earn the money.

Pigs cut out our stomachs eat it, calling it bacon.

Cherries and Blackberries pick you.

Couches sit on you.

You stick your head out the car window while the dog drives.

Cats bark and dogs purr.

Mice chase cats.

Elephants can jump.

Giraffes sing.
okay, I'm done. Time for Biology!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

gear up for a nice long post

so... as you can see by my other post, i am NOT in the mood to do work. I am in the mood to write.

all. day. long.

okay, maybe not all day. but for a while. so get ready for a lovely update and lots of sass and opinion!

so let's start on my weekend. I skied for about 12 hours (in two days). I wore my smartwool all weekend (it smelled lovely after the first day) and by Saturday afternoon, i was so exhausted. I hardly remember what I did. I went to Kailee's that night and talked to Siri on her phone and fell asleep on her floor where her fatties (dogs) licked me. ewwwww. 

but skiing. kate lost her skis over 8 times, ran into a slow sign and almost fell off a cliff. me and Mark were mean and took her on Blue Squares before she was ready. But she learned fast! 

Now for my weird dream rant. I've seriously been having the weirdest dreams ever these past few months. So I turned to google. and it tells me that dreams are your thoughts being taken over by your imagination. So basically, my imagination is running wild and i'm crazy. thanks, google.

oh well. at least crazy is fun.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Although text talk is pretty stupid, I just have a story that might make you LOL.

the other night I had a dream that I was home alone with my brothers. And then the doorbell rang so I answered it. And there were about ten people standing at my door. And then a girl told me that they were Jehova Witnesses missionaries and they wanted us to convert. But I told them we already had a religion and to leave. But then she screamed "YOUR BROTHERS NEED TO KNOW! THEY NEED TO KNOW!" And she and her little friends tried to break into my house.

I'm hoping this wasn't an omen. because it was kinda creepy.

but what else is creepy is that I have been having the weirdest dreams lately. Last week, i got swallowed by a whale. And then a sometime this week I had a dream that I was at a wedding, and then the priest told me that it was my turn but I had no husband so her pronounced me "forever alone."

oh brain, you silly goose.

oh, and you know how I went on about those pictures of little kids on Pinterest? I lied. I found one that was SO freaking cute. Luckily, they're not kissing or being creepy.

so presh
I don't know why this gives me so much joy.