Wednesday, March 14, 2012


If you haven't heard that song by Noah and the Whale, it is highly recommended. And I know good music.

but I just wanted to talk about my life.

My life has been crazy these past few months. This week alone, I've had mountains of homework due, worked with Ma at the Elementary School play for many hours (only a week until performances! my little kidlings and gonna be awesome!), gone to choir festival (we only got ONE 1-. ONE. in the world of choir, that is a good thing. the rest were ones. just to let ya know), listened to countless hours of Mumford and Sons, and have spent pointless hours on the internet.

Let's dissect this list one at a time. One, homework. Most of it is from Honors English. Oh, that devil class. It is so. much. work. Just makes me wanna cry sad sad sad tears. I've been retaking all or nothing tests, reading Romeo and Juliet (gag me) and memorizing Sonnets.

And since we're on the subject, let me just tell you that Romeo was a freaking Pansy. Really. He wore tights, and fell in love every other second of his life. And just a random fact, Romeo was sixteen and Juliet was only THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. Sick? Yes. I read the whole play and it was pointless. I mean, she almost kills herself? And then she doesn't have the decency to tell Romeo her plan so then he goes and really kills himself and then they just both die. A lot of people die. Just for two star crossed lovers. And another part that bugs me is that they looked at each other and then started making out and fell in love. Thirteen year olds cannot FALL IN LOVE. They're KIDS. Romeo was still a KID. Ugh. This play irks me.

Next, the play. Holy. Crap. We have a week. For all of you who don't know, my mama is directing the school play at Holbrook. And it's gonna be epic. And I've been at the school for  few late nights now and it is extremely boring. So, I play with props.

okay, I'm bored of writing.


nine days till hunger games midnight premiere SUCKAS!!!!!! 

: please enjoy this pictures that I enjoy.

okay. this is funny.

yes. yes it does.

stupid math.
replace math with English and you are correct.


I'd fall for it.
I'd fall for it.




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