Saturday, March 17, 2012

these boots were made for walkin'.

so... all of those who go to school with me know about my red rain boots. i wear them at least once a week with anything (mostly sweats, since that's what I usually wear anyway). but they're my sassy boots. They sparkle and they're spunky. Even Mrs. Anderson can't find me without them. this was my ode to my lovely boots.

thanks to instagram. my babies.

so... update on my life. this weekend has been extremely stressful, filled with the play and some other stuff. and today, I spent all day with Candace and Desi and Ma picking out beads and eating at noodles and company (yessss) and H&M =)

the play... me and Desi have to do the spotlight and it makes me cry. it's hard and hot and you have to actually pay attention. and this week I was at the school a couple of nights until midnight.

instead of helping... i take pictures of myself with the props.


but when i went to Kai's last night, i was so tired i just was on the couch and pretty much out while she colored pictures of Justin Bieber. I am just the funnest friend ever.

speaking of Kailee, (and since I actually synced my phone pictures to my laptop) funny pictures of my conversations with her Siri:

our love is forbidden

no school monday! and five days until hunger games!!!


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