Tuesday, March 6, 2012

gear up for a nice long post

so... as you can see by my other post, i am NOT in the mood to do work. I am in the mood to write.

all. day. long.

okay, maybe not all day. but for a while. so get ready for a lovely update and lots of sass and opinion!

so let's start on my weekend. I skied for about 12 hours (in two days). I wore my smartwool all weekend (it smelled lovely after the first day) and by Saturday afternoon, i was so exhausted. I hardly remember what I did. I went to Kailee's that night and talked to Siri on her phone and fell asleep on her floor where her fatties (dogs) licked me. ewwwww. 

but skiing. kate lost her skis over 8 times, ran into a slow sign and almost fell off a cliff. me and Mark were mean and took her on Blue Squares before she was ready. But she learned fast! 

Now for my weird dream rant. I've seriously been having the weirdest dreams ever these past few months. So I turned to google. and it tells me that dreams are your thoughts being taken over by your imagination. So basically, my imagination is running wild and i'm crazy. thanks, google.

oh well. at least crazy is fun.

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