Tuesday, November 29, 2011

drunk birds.

so today was a fun day. i woke up from a dream where I saw Jake at the zoo standing in the middle of an anthill telling me it was his service project. when i informed him of this he laughed and now whenever he sees me he pretends he's standing in an anthill screaming, "this is my service project!" fun stuff. and then school was fun. I screamed out the answer in math and bro mconkie told lame puns. joy.

but the best part was the sports!

as all the people in my gym classes know, i am no good at sports. not even a little bit. i have the coordination of a drunk duck with size 19 in mens shoes (flippers?).

but i loooooooove watching sports!

and usually I don't pay attention to basketball games that I must attend. I do homework, talk to Jessie, that sorta stuff. but today, after I finished my biology lab with Addy and Annie (poor, poor cripple Annie) i went down to the game to talk to Jessie.
     I got there in the middle of third quarter when we were winning by one. and then, we were losing by one, then tied, winning, losing. it was a vicious cycle. and then we were tied, with five seconds left. I ran over to reagan and we screamed,


and then after a time out, Austin Parkinson shot for a three pointer. Bountiful Jr screamed and we held our breaths (breath? whatever) and he made it! in the last second! it was pure joy and I screamed my face off. my throat hurts really bad now but it was totally worth it.

  1. this is what me and Reagan and Jessie looked like today when screaming during the game.

Monday, November 28, 2011

All I want for Christmas... is... cute clothes.

let me just express my love for Kate Johnson really fast.

first, I didn't get to see her all freaking break. That is because she is fancy and went to her ranch and had a grand old time leaving me alone. So when I saw her today, I had a major freak out attack and ran and hugged her. and the onlookers were probably afraid of us and our squealing =D

and then, today at lunch me and Kate were talking about singing a song together for choir. and then she screamed, "YOU SHOULD SING I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN!"

when i told her no, she decided to demonstrate that it wasn't a skanky song by dancing and singing. in front of everyone. and me and Kylee were on the ground laughing our faces off while Kate just danced around.

Ahh, Kate. I love her more than words.

But today was actually a really good Monday. Those are hard to come by and it made me happy. Everything just made me happy in some way or another. My favorite part of the day is when Mark took Annie's crutches in English and put them as short as they could go, and Holbrook still believed that he was hurt. hobbling along like an elf and giggling.

I also liked when Faber wanted to trip his math teacher. ahhh. joy.

another random note since i am blogging and like to talk about things: this weekend me, Kai and Emma watched a freaking scary movie. A Haunting in Connecticut. It's not SCARY but it's images are disturbing and it jumps out at you a lot. I basically hid in the blankets the whole time. But now we're all kinda freaked out and I don't like going anywhere alone. It was a good movie though, but I'm just a wimp.

I'm also just a happy little person. Especially since it's the beginning of the Kumbaya months. As in Christmas happy good feeling months. My brothers put up decorations yesterday, but it doesn't feel right without snow or a tree.

so now, I'm going to spend the next few weeks I'm going to listen to my holiday pandora station, listen to the she and him christmas album (thank you Kobe for telling me about this), make presents and bake cookies and brownies.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

thankful. gobble gobble.

I know it's the day AFTER thanksgiving, but I can still blog about how thankful I am. and then blog about insane Black Friday.

so i guess I'll go in a list.

I'm thankful for:

The Officers and Mr. King. They are my family at school. We yell, we giggle, we laugh, we feel sad and we love each other. I love all of them and they are always the best part of the school day for me. When I'm having a suckish day, I'm waiting for seventh period. I love you guys so much it's probably not exactly healthy.

my family. we are weird. we fight. we yell. but I love them despite all the bad things. I have a mom who is my best friend and puts up with my teenager-ness. I have a daddy who loves me despite my sassiness. I have a sister who is a ham and who is my little friend. I have two brothers that drive me crazy sometimes, but are also loving when they want to be.

my grandma and aunts and uncles and cousins.

Katherine Johnson. She is also my best friend. We are completely crazy, but she listens to me and I love to listen to her. She is too boy crazy for words and too spazzy for words too. But she is the sweetest girl alive and I love her so much.

my ward and the gospel. I love my ward so much I can't stand it. especiallly the mia maids, because we're all so close. and i'm grateful that I have the gospel in my life. without it, i have no idea what i would do or who i would be.

my friends at school. i love them very very much too.

being weird.
pumpkin pie.
modern family
cute shoes


now on to Black Friday!

so yesterday was pretty grand. i woke up, watched the parade a little (Ingrid Michaelson. yesssss) and then we went bowling. i lost. but that's okay! because it was a blast! and then we went home, I watched some Psych and then Grandmother's house! and we ate and had a blast.

then we went to Wal Mart at eight thirty! and me and my mom stood by this purple jeep for Elysia for two and a half hours! and we met a super nice guy next to us who was freaking awesome. we made up a strategy with him. we got the top two and the people on the other side got the bottom two jeeps. but about ten minutes before we could grab them, this one dude wormed his way in the line.

then, me and my mom had a tug of war with him! and the nice guy told us to hold onto his while he pullled on ours. and he ripped it right out of the other dude's hands! too bad jerkface! should've waited! And then the jerkface tried to steal someone else's jeep! so our nice dude went and yelled at Jerkface for us.

and then the nice stranger and his cute wife went in line. and we didn't even know this awesome dude's name.

I love nice people like that. Grandma had one to help her get a jeep for Amber, and Amy had one to help her get barbies for Maryann. Nice people give me hope when everyone is having freak out attacks. seriously. we heard someone across the store scream, "GIVE IT TO ME!"

people are crazy.

now I can play Christmas music without feeling guilty:)


i'm excited to watch this!

never gets old:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


maybe i should be at school instead of sitting at the computer in my pjs.
maybe I shouldn't be listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.
maybe I shouldn't burn four waffles in a row.
maybe i shouldn't be putting pictures on my blog for fourty minutes straight.

or maybe not.

Monday, November 21, 2011

love and be optomistic.

I love:

pretty things
cute quotes
chick flicks
Toddlers and Tiaras
Modern Family
Pretty Little Liars:)
classy things
classy people
being weird
good music
being a spaz

basically, I'm trying to stay positive after a kinda lame day. 

in the spirit of being positive, funny quote!
teacher: "Where do you think all the drug lords get their power and influence?"
Gabe: "Mexico."

but anyway, today was kinda lame. I woke up late and was rushing all morning. but luckily, I got to eat my captain crunch. yum. and then I get to school and I'm trying really really hard not to fall asleep. I might admit, i failed in seminary. but it was only five minutes!

and then I was loopy all day and laughing at random things. and when we were called out of class to go to the game, we had to wait an HOUR for the bus. we were all ticked and wanted to go home. luckily, the game was fun because Laurel went. I love La la. We laughed and made fun of Max's mullet and just had a ball. 

and then I got home to find that everyone ate without me so I had to make Ramen. which was kinda lame. 

but that was all that was bad. it wasn't a bad day, just lame.


only one more day of school left! I get to hang out with my Melany, Kylee, Landry and others for four glorious days! 


Thursday, November 17, 2011

blonde moments.

my day was filled with giggles at others misfortune. no big deal.

so here's how it went:

in first period geography, i was sitting next to my kaitlyn and we were studying our europe maps. when she pointed to italy and told me that it was rome. so i was practically rolling on the floor and trying to tell her that rome was a CITY. and she didn't believe me until i had to phyiscally move her hand onto her map. now our new joke is,

how do you spell italy? R-O-M-E!

and then, at the basketball game I was talking to Brooke and was trying to explain to her that a country and a continent aren't the same thing. and then I was explaining that yes, Canada is in North America. and then she ran off to Jenson to tell him that you don't need a Passport to get into Canada. you do, just to let you know.

ahhh man.

and then this week has been prime. ma' let me stay home yesterday because I slept through my alarm. which was AWESOME. no school and psych all day is always a party!

i don't think blondes are dumb, i just found this funny.

other funny thoughts:

BAHAHAHA. this is in the spirit of Breaking Dawn. yeah... not going to that movie.

oh my goodness. i just peed myself.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

unproductive: a poem

right now... i should be doing a biology webquest.
i should be studying for my periodic table retake quiz on friday.
i should be doing geography maps.
i should be doing math.
i should be cleaning my room.

i should be productive!

but i'm watching the Hunger Games trailer over and over and over getting goosebumps ever time.
i've been watching Psych since i got home from the basketball game.
I've been trying to do my hair in fancy braids.



Saturday, November 12, 2011

keep calm and dance on.

okay, i wouldn't call my dancing CALM. my dancing is spazzy, seizure in the middle of the dance floor stuff.

so here's the low down:

last night, at Stockon and Jake's party, I was spazzy. I slapped Gabe in the face, i elbowed five people in the ribs. But I had a ball, so what the heck!

And another note: I kind of adore Sam Faber and marky very very much. Last night, they were dancing like crazy people with me and didn't give a crap about what anyone thought of them. I really admire that. that's someone who I want to be.

(okay, my m is being dumb again. watch, so spacebar for the next paragraph: hello! Im lmmmmove mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm everyone and emverything in this worlmd!m i mmalso love pinterest! i'mmm a little addicted. yep. mthe mm ims really dub mand if you can read this then i am proud of YOU)

see???? my computer is retarded!!!!

anyway. Pinterest: my addiction. I Love it. I don't go on it very often, but when i do its for a long time. I loooooove it. i need an intervention.

i also love Pandora. Sydney showed it to me last night and I am ADDICTED. but i hate how you can't replay songs. grrrrr.

during this week i am going to smile till my face hurts, because I'm thinking this is gonna be a hard one. I feel it in my bones.

but my day: (also, I'm sorry, this is really random but its my blog, so too bad!)

today I went to Disney on Ice with my family. I LOVED IT. I loved it more than the three year old did. I seriously almost cried when it was over. My favorite part was Tangled and the floating lanterns and the couple skate thing. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. I'm a nerd.

and then on our way home, I called Landry and Desi and told them about it. and then i went over to landry's house where Tanner was having his police man birthday party. When i got there, i was ambushed but lots of ten year olds. i was hustled to "jail" even though I hadn't done anything. the jail was a cardboard box. they all laughed at me and pointed their nerf guns at me. so i ran away, and then Isac Gates tackled me. THEN i ran inside and locked the door and laughed at them through the window. then I went and drank mountain dew with landry and Desi. then the kids came inside for doughnuts and one of them was telling me how he hated girls. so i kissed him on the cheek. then a couple of other boys until Nicole got mad at me. then me and landry and desi watched Peter Pan downstairs until they all left.

and this is the funny part. Dillon was over to play with Tanner, but Tanner was kinda ignoring him. So Dillon was hanging out with me desi and landry. A bunch of teenage girls and a nine year old watching Thor. And then Dillon scared me and my reflex was to punch him on the mouth. but he forgave me:)

then i went home and babysat. it was a good saturuday.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

modern love... it's like a taco truck.

This modern love
Yeah it's a taco truck
Come on take the phone calls
'N I'll take the silence
This modern love
Is not enough.

this is possibly the most random song ever. but I love it, and I love mat nathanson. look him up. sooo good and so attractive. mmm.


so, ya know. life has kinda caught up with me and i've had no time for anything. like yesterday, i had to leave the basketball game and i couldn't stay and watch my adorable cousin play on JV because of young womens. then that shindig ended around ten. then, hunger games! second time!

i've been very very very busy with my teenage life. and it's only the start of the term!

yip. yip. hooray.

anyway, funny story. remember that new kid I was telling you all about? yeah. he sits next to me in biology. and yesterday I was yelling at Kate (being so close to each other)


and the poor kids face was priceless. seriously. i wish i had a camera that exact moment.

also: emotional moment for me.

so yesterday while walking past Nikita's house on the way to church my heart almost stopped. I miss her more than I thought I could miss a person. and then I was on her Pinterest board and I broke down and cried. but luckily, she is having a grand time in chicago and will be visiting us as much as possible. and when she does I'll give her the biggest hug ever. I LOVE YOU NIKITA!
isn't she beautiful?!

i felt like a stalker going through her facebook photos to find this beauty:)

she lives a colorful lifestyle

Sunday, November 6, 2011


quick trivia question: how many ninth graders does it take to make a 100 piece panda puzzle for five and up?

answer: Roman, Melany, Josh and me. so four if you're bad at math.

yeah, we're the cool kids on the block.

quick question, how many hats can Roman fit on his head?

answer, three.

 okay. that's all my trivia questions for now, because it's a weekend.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

me and Junie B. Jones are the same.

so basically, I'm a five year old in a teenagers body.

I eat fruit snacks, I climb trees, I paint and color, I sing randomly, I dance randomly, I cry randomly, I giggle for no reason, I laugh at dumb things, I'm sensitive, I'm crazy.

I love being immature:)

okay. so today something clicked into my head and I almost died. this has happened TWICE this year:

okay. so today we had a new boy in ninth grade at our school. and all the girls (besides me and some others) were FREAKING out. really. I felt bad for the poor kid. I mean, it was his first day in a new state and these obnoxious girls were all over him. I would've screamed and punched them.

So I decided to befriend the lad! I mean, why not? new friends! that's cool!

and I was walking with him to biology, and all the girls around us are trying to be cool/flirty/funny. but they were really being annoying. and then I started spazzing out because I couldn't get through a croud of people so I just started yelling at them like I always do, and I used my binder as a "force field" and was making Star Trek sounds. and the kid follows me and gives me one of the weirdest looks i've ever seen.

and then it hits me

for all of you who aren't as cool as you could be and haven't read Junie B Jones go and read them right now. but in one of the books, it's called "Junie B Jones loves Handsome Warren" and all of Junie B's friends all fall in "love" with the new boy in kindergarten and they're trying to impress each other. and Junie B. is just being her crazy loveable self and he calls her a "nutball"

if you're not making the connections, I'm Junie B. The "nutball"

and this has happened TWICE this year! Once with new boy (I think his name is Jonah? Dang. I'll find out tomorrow) and once with Larebear. I was the crazy and all the other girls were freaking out.

I'm not normal, but that's okay. I like me a lot =D

me. totally me.

even more me.

my hero.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I got this.

justa follow up post about yesterday. (i know, I blog two days in a row. I need a life, okay? but the good news is, only Geography make up work to do!)

okay, here's the deal: I'm a teenage girl. I freak out a lot. but you can't blame me, I'm on an adolescant (however you spell it) roller coaster. So I have the legal right to freak out and cry once in a while.

So why was I freaking out?

The day sucked.
No food. or sleep. that'll do something to ya.

But guess what! It's all good! I apologized to everyone that i was snotty to. Me and Kate made up (I didn't really write about that. ah well) she really is my best friend and I love her so much. And some bridges that were broken were fixed (if that makes sense)

so it's all good. I've got this handled.

although (just to vent):

someone in my ward is mad at me for having other friends (yeah. i know. teenage girls need to get over themselves. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)

annoying people sit behind me in a certain class and I kinda am ready to scream in their faces for them to shut up. (luckily, I did not. yay will power!)

but on the happier side:

no more geometry for me! I transferred into an easier, all ninth grader algebra class. some people did judge me, but whatever. I don't care what anyone thinks.

my wonderful ma took me and Kylee out to Kneaders. soup! bread! sprite! joy.

rainy mood. type it in on youtube and put it with a bunch of songs. it makes them so much more amazing.

it's sunny outside.

me and Larebear (my new nickname for sam faber) played pinball on the computers in english. and we got doughnuts!

hehehe. Larebear.

So yeah. i got this. it's all okay.

PS: to all of you who talked to me today and hugged me and stuff. I really appreciate it. so yeah. I love you all!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I know blogging about bad days gets boring, ramble ramble, nag nag.

but seriously. today was AWFUL.

I wake up to my dad sending me a text message saying "english teacher says u have to be at school early for poem."  he sends this at seven. SEVEN.

so i'm half asleep and running around the house crying and being delusional. and then ma takes me to school and i realize i have nothing to eat. nothing. no lunch, no breakfast. and she was sick and had to work all day so there goes any eating chances.

so I get to school, work on my poem for 45 minutes because i messed all the citations after number seventy up, and i still don't get done. guess who has to work in RAP and lunch? yeah, me

so i go to classes and i'm ready to throw up because I'm starving. I'm yelling at everyone and ready to bite their heads off for even touching me. I was (am) pissed off.

and I'm trying to be positive. but it doesn't work and i'm MAD. and then comes RAP, english, lunch. i only got ten minutes of lunch. and by then, everyone had eaten so i got nothing. great. and then i'm sitting in biology dreading for them to call us down because I don't wanna go to the game. I was not in the mood for crazed jr high children. no way.

so we're waiting for the bus, and I just loose it. I'm starving, and I've only eaten an apple slice by now. and I'm trying to take deeeeeeeep breaths but it's not working and i start crying. i put my head between my knees so no one noticed. (thank goodness. I'm never crying at school again. but that's a story for another day)

and then we go to the game. it's fine for about ten minutes, then I'm ready to kill everyone who talks to me. except Jessie, who is being a wonderful good samaritan and is just sitting calmy by me not talking or touching me, but keeping me company. That was just what i needed. I'm thankful for her today. and everyday.

and then, Kate pushes me down jokingly and i loose it. I start bawling like a little child on the playground. And my dear Jessica drags me outside and just lets me bawl. We walked around the school for a little while, and then my wonderful mom came to pick me up early, because while i was loosing it, i texted her. and while we're in the car I just cry and cry. and we get home and it's all happy.

but then comes YW. it's all hunky dory and happy. and sue massages my back and it feels soooo good. and then it's time to go home. Landry and Desi are walking out the door, and I start to follow them. Landry glares at me and Desi tells me she has "problems that she needs to talk about with her"

oh. okay. glad I've been calling you my best friend for seven years. cool

and I'm so mad, I don't even care about names right now. I don't care what they think of me. I need to breathe, but i can't. i can't.

so yeah. awful. and I don't care if i sound whiny. if you think i do, get over it. it's not your blog, its mine.


so there.

justa laugh

I found this funny:

So I'm sitting, searching Youtube for good songs, when I find the New Justin Bieber song that I've been trying to find time to listen to.

no homework, no activties. yes i'm listening.

and I'm going "awwww" to myself when all of a sudden I realize something.

I'm sitting here, listening to the one of the cutest Christmas songs by one of the cutest guys, and I find myself playing the zit popper game on my iphone.

I take this as a bad omen about my future boyfriends.