Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I got this.

justa follow up post about yesterday. (i know, I blog two days in a row. I need a life, okay? but the good news is, only Geography make up work to do!)

okay, here's the deal: I'm a teenage girl. I freak out a lot. but you can't blame me, I'm on an adolescant (however you spell it) roller coaster. So I have the legal right to freak out and cry once in a while.

So why was I freaking out?

The day sucked.
No food. or sleep. that'll do something to ya.

But guess what! It's all good! I apologized to everyone that i was snotty to. Me and Kate made up (I didn't really write about that. ah well) she really is my best friend and I love her so much. And some bridges that were broken were fixed (if that makes sense)

so it's all good. I've got this handled.

although (just to vent):

someone in my ward is mad at me for having other friends (yeah. i know. teenage girls need to get over themselves. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)

annoying people sit behind me in a certain class and I kinda am ready to scream in their faces for them to shut up. (luckily, I did not. yay will power!)

but on the happier side:

no more geometry for me! I transferred into an easier, all ninth grader algebra class. some people did judge me, but whatever. I don't care what anyone thinks.

my wonderful ma took me and Kylee out to Kneaders. soup! bread! sprite! joy.

rainy mood. type it in on youtube and put it with a bunch of songs. it makes them so much more amazing.

it's sunny outside.

me and Larebear (my new nickname for sam faber) played pinball on the computers in english. and we got doughnuts!

hehehe. Larebear.

So yeah. i got this. it's all okay.

PS: to all of you who talked to me today and hugged me and stuff. I really appreciate it. so yeah. I love you all!

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