Thursday, November 17, 2011

blonde moments.

my day was filled with giggles at others misfortune. no big deal.

so here's how it went:

in first period geography, i was sitting next to my kaitlyn and we were studying our europe maps. when she pointed to italy and told me that it was rome. so i was practically rolling on the floor and trying to tell her that rome was a CITY. and she didn't believe me until i had to phyiscally move her hand onto her map. now our new joke is,

how do you spell italy? R-O-M-E!

and then, at the basketball game I was talking to Brooke and was trying to explain to her that a country and a continent aren't the same thing. and then I was explaining that yes, Canada is in North America. and then she ran off to Jenson to tell him that you don't need a Passport to get into Canada. you do, just to let you know.

ahhh man.

and then this week has been prime. ma' let me stay home yesterday because I slept through my alarm. which was AWESOME. no school and psych all day is always a party!

i don't think blondes are dumb, i just found this funny.

other funny thoughts:

BAHAHAHA. this is in the spirit of Breaking Dawn. yeah... not going to that movie.

oh my goodness. i just peed myself.

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