Monday, November 21, 2011

love and be optomistic.

I love:

pretty things
cute quotes
chick flicks
Toddlers and Tiaras
Modern Family
Pretty Little Liars:)
classy things
classy people
being weird
good music
being a spaz

basically, I'm trying to stay positive after a kinda lame day. 

in the spirit of being positive, funny quote!
teacher: "Where do you think all the drug lords get their power and influence?"
Gabe: "Mexico."

but anyway, today was kinda lame. I woke up late and was rushing all morning. but luckily, I got to eat my captain crunch. yum. and then I get to school and I'm trying really really hard not to fall asleep. I might admit, i failed in seminary. but it was only five minutes!

and then I was loopy all day and laughing at random things. and when we were called out of class to go to the game, we had to wait an HOUR for the bus. we were all ticked and wanted to go home. luckily, the game was fun because Laurel went. I love La la. We laughed and made fun of Max's mullet and just had a ball. 

and then I got home to find that everyone ate without me so I had to make Ramen. which was kinda lame. 

but that was all that was bad. it wasn't a bad day, just lame.


only one more day of school left! I get to hang out with my Melany, Kylee, Landry and others for four glorious days! 


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