Wednesday, November 9, 2011

modern love... it's like a taco truck.

This modern love
Yeah it's a taco truck
Come on take the phone calls
'N I'll take the silence
This modern love
Is not enough.

this is possibly the most random song ever. but I love it, and I love mat nathanson. look him up. sooo good and so attractive. mmm.


so, ya know. life has kinda caught up with me and i've had no time for anything. like yesterday, i had to leave the basketball game and i couldn't stay and watch my adorable cousin play on JV because of young womens. then that shindig ended around ten. then, hunger games! second time!

i've been very very very busy with my teenage life. and it's only the start of the term!

yip. yip. hooray.

anyway, funny story. remember that new kid I was telling you all about? yeah. he sits next to me in biology. and yesterday I was yelling at Kate (being so close to each other)


and the poor kids face was priceless. seriously. i wish i had a camera that exact moment.

also: emotional moment for me.

so yesterday while walking past Nikita's house on the way to church my heart almost stopped. I miss her more than I thought I could miss a person. and then I was on her Pinterest board and I broke down and cried. but luckily, she is having a grand time in chicago and will be visiting us as much as possible. and when she does I'll give her the biggest hug ever. I LOVE YOU NIKITA!
isn't she beautiful?!

i felt like a stalker going through her facebook photos to find this beauty:)

she lives a colorful lifestyle

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