Tuesday, November 29, 2011

drunk birds.

so today was a fun day. i woke up from a dream where I saw Jake at the zoo standing in the middle of an anthill telling me it was his service project. when i informed him of this he laughed and now whenever he sees me he pretends he's standing in an anthill screaming, "this is my service project!" fun stuff. and then school was fun. I screamed out the answer in math and bro mconkie told lame puns. joy.

but the best part was the sports!

as all the people in my gym classes know, i am no good at sports. not even a little bit. i have the coordination of a drunk duck with size 19 in mens shoes (flippers?).

but i loooooooove watching sports!

and usually I don't pay attention to basketball games that I must attend. I do homework, talk to Jessie, that sorta stuff. but today, after I finished my biology lab with Addy and Annie (poor, poor cripple Annie) i went down to the game to talk to Jessie.
     I got there in the middle of third quarter when we were winning by one. and then, we were losing by one, then tied, winning, losing. it was a vicious cycle. and then we were tied, with five seconds left. I ran over to reagan and we screamed,


and then after a time out, Austin Parkinson shot for a three pointer. Bountiful Jr screamed and we held our breaths (breath? whatever) and he made it! in the last second! it was pure joy and I screamed my face off. my throat hurts really bad now but it was totally worth it.

  1. this is what me and Reagan and Jessie looked like today when screaming during the game.

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