Saturday, December 3, 2011

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Poor Utah Valley. We've been havin' some wind up in here lately. Like, 100 MPH wind. I counted 29 pinetrees in the road on thursday. And school was optional, so I went to Desi's for the day. We first had to book it outside without shoes for firewood (no power. all day). Then we built a fire and complained about not having google/pinterest. So then we grabbed an encyclopedia and warmed our feet! We learned how to do CPR, how to crochet and much more. So resourceful.
        and then we were upstairs wrapping blankets around us, because it was getting very very cold. and then we made crafts out of super glue! And because we had Amy's kids and my siblings were there. so we dropped them off, and headed off to Festival of Trees. Which was very amazing and grand and warm. POWER! My favorite tree was the UP tree. It gave me very much happiness. And It got me into the Christmas spirit. So then after spending a few hours there (and seeing a gingerbread house that looked exactly like the Weasley's Burrow. JOY) we left.
          and the power STILL wasn't on! but while we were driving to the hotel we were gonna stay at, Spencer called and said it was on! so we drove home and went to bed in our cold houses!

No school. It was canceled and it was grand. But I had to babysit my grouchy siblings which was no fun. And mom came back right when I was leaving to help Amy at Bella's party. So me and Lisie went and I did little children's hair and nails. then I came home and did nothing but watch Anne of Green Gables the rest of the day.

and now today I'm at home watching the rest of my family rehearse for the Christmas shindig at the church tonight. and I'm playing with my dear Kai today too. And i have to sing Silver Bells tonight and we haven't even practiced it! WHO IS IN CHARGE!?

so that was my "Utah Hurricane" weekend. It was pretty great. even thought Bountiful still looks like a War Zone, and the wind hasn't stopped, and the Barkers pine trees might fall on our house. That would be a fun Christmas.


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