Friday, December 16, 2011

home improvement relaxes me

it's the truth.

I've been painting my new room since I got home from school. My hands are COVERED with paint. So are my feet. And I just turn on my Two Door Cinema Club (Ricky got me hooked) Pandora station and paint. It makes me feel so good.

(by the way, my new room is pink. and it's gonna be freaking cute)

so, today was a pretty good day. I woke up early, and headed off to school in my plaid jammies. then, me and the rest of the officers hassled people for money. It was a pretty big success. (Just to let you all know, we made around $550 for Africa. Not our ideal goal, but we're still pretty proud). and then I went to all my classes, bombed my geography test, watched a cute movie in seminary, took a test in math, and then came choir.

yesterday we went on the tour, so we didn't get to see the bullying assembly. (and the tour was very fun. I saw an old couple holding hands at a nursing home and i almost died. cutest thing ever) and so we had it in our class today. and it was so awkward, but the lady was hilarious. seriously. I would give examples, but they would make you feel awkward. not me. YOU.

and then I had english, and then LUNCH.

greatest thing ever. me and Annie hassled people for money, Ricky donated a penny, and I got a green airhead:)

and then biology (good times with Chloe and Jonas) and finally, STUDENT GOV!!!

this is where the greatest thing ever happened. So, we have to take out recycling for the teachers, and Claire got a clear bucket. we were taking it back inside, and she got cold so she put it on her head and walked around. and then.... she ran into a pole.

i fell on the ground laughing.

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  1. did the keys on your keyboard get covered in paint when you typed this?