Thursday, December 8, 2011


I like blogging. I'm a girl that is obsessed with her blog instead of Robert Pattinson (ew). I'm considered really weird. I know I am, I talk about anything that pops into my head, and I'm a spaz. A lot of people have told me, and I've seen the looks everyone gives me at school. Especially when me and Annie do yoga in the commons at lunch. So, since I have NO homework (on a Thursday night. Brownie points!) and I'm bored to death, I'm blogging and singing out loud to my She and Him Pandora station.

So here's the deal, I'm going to write a list of the weirdest things I've ever done that I can remember. If I were you, I'd be ready to be entertained.

Here we go!

(in no particular order)

1. Dressing up in a Utes snuggie and making music videos with Annie to Justin Bieber songs. They're even on Facebook. Go watch em.

2. Making a fort with Annie and Erica in my room that covered every space possible.

3. Had Chinese food wars with Mark.

4. Getting dragged by Mark at BJH and grabbing the cheerleaders ankles. Lots of dirty looks on this one.

5. Me and Melany blowing kisses and Chaz seeing us and us laughing our heads off.

6. Making Star Wars spaceship noises in the hall.

7. made a comb out of a ruler, toothpicks and beads.

8. breaking into Reagan's house with Annie and Erica.

9. playing a spy game in Smiths and getting kicked out.

10. Riding that merry-go-ride thingy outside of Rite Aid and getting weird looks from old ladies.

11. making a hippy for Roman.

12. posing with a Tuna can

13. making my unicorn pillow pet talk to annie. also a video on facebook.

14. Mr. Rollins fifth period class. everything in their was weird.

15. painted nail polish on my face because I couldn't find paint.

16. wearing sombreros and pretending to cross the border with annie.

17. playing house and salesman at smiths

18. dressing up in all of annie's dress ups

19. fingerpainting with pudding

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