Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Sing a song for the glorious season!

 actually, it's frozen outside. no snow. and this means that Utahns will not have a white christmas. which sucks.

but, just for a holly joliday update:

this christmas season has been grand, but EXTREMELY busy. we've been redoing our basement. the whole thing. kitchen down there, living room, bathroom, my room, playroom, boys room, laundry room. it's complete chaos down there and my new room is a disaster because i don't have a dresser or vanity. and i can't use the bathroom down there because there's no water on!

but it's also been one of the most eventful of my life. we've been doing all the traditions, and i've actually made a lot of new friends. and it's been a blast full of laughs and fun. and little christmas presents:)

and another bad thing: i've been adding to my christmas list every day. it's really random and it doesn't make sense to anyone but me. and i haven't shopped for my siblings yet. I'm such a bad person...

and I have SO MUCH to do. it's freaking me out! i have to memorize my english thing, do biology homework, shop, clean my room, put a christmas package together for Nikita, make presents for my YW leaders, give other people their presents, make cookies, paint, and a million other things.


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but don't let my Scrooge-ness let you down. I'm still happy. i love being busy, it just catches up to me super fast. I'm still in a happy holiday mood. I listen to christmas music while i do everything. i'm really having a happy holidays.

but before i tell you my random christmas list, i have to tell you a funny story.

last night, i was at Carli's with melany. and we were watching the greatest youtube video ever. and it was funny, because Carli was laughing, i couldn't breathe and Melany was screaming, "TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF!"

now for the list:

a costco little mirror thing

itunes gift cards


amazon gift cards







more socks

more itunes

new case for my iphone



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