Monday, December 26, 2011

My name is Emmie

so today, i had an epiphany. I blog all the time, and yet I've never actually introduced myself to the blogging world. so (even though I've posted in the past three days in a row and been blogging since September) I'm formally introducing myself.

Hello! My name is Emmie Brown! My real name's actually Emmari. I live in Utah. Go to Jr. High. SBO President there actually. That is the best part of my school experience. it makes my day every day in student gov.

i love to create things. i love when people ask me where i got a certain thing and i proudly say, "I MADE it!" I love my glue gun (still lost) and sewing machine. I'm an honors student, and i have a large vocabulary. I never use text talk. EVER. it drives me insane. i am too lazy to capitalize most of the time.

i love my friends. i have lots of them, which is nice, but it's kinda lonely sometimes. just because i'm not extremely close to just one person. it's a good thing, and a new experience.

I love music. I hate mainstream crap. hate it. I like indie, rock and (sometimes) pop. acoustic stuff is my favorite. I have a lot of favorite bands (TDCC, Boyce Avenue, Onerepublic, Ingrid Michaelson, Keane, Jack Johnson, She and Him, Modest Mouse and many many many many more. I also like a lot.

I love reading. I love TV. I love video games. I love good stories in general. Reading is my favorite though. I have so many books.

Which brings me to the thing i love most. Harry potter. i have a whole post dedicated to that though, so go read it.

I love to write. I love pinterest. I love people. any kind of person. I'd describe myself as a people person. I like to listen and be friends with everyone. there is no one in this world that i hate. people that annoy me, yes. but i do not hate.

i am mormon and proud of it.

i blog stalk people all the time. it gets kinda creepy. i also facebook stalk too. i just find people really interesting. i want to go into psychology when i grow up. i also want to be a mommy and have a darling husband that is really attractive.

i love boys. really. i love romantic comedies, romantic books, pictures, anything. but most boys think i'm spazzy and like those calmer girls.

i am stubborn. i am kind of a crybaby. i am not very flexible (as in scheduling events and such). i am sensitive. this can be good and bad. i am distracted a lot and can't pay attention for very long. i sometimes compare myself to others even though this is the worst possible thing anyone can do to themselves. I tease my siblings constantly.

I have two sides to me. one side is the crazy side that all my friends see. That one is spazzy and crazy and weird. i like it. I have a serious side too.

i love the internet. i love comfy socks. i love hugs. i love modge podge and hot glue. i love wonderful people. i love learning. i love to laugh.

i don't care what people think of me. I am confident, but I try not to be cocky. I love animals. My mom, aunt and grandma are all my role models. I love my daddy. I love my two brothers and my sister more than i can express. i love food. I am underweight and i get teased about it all the time (yeah, i know. it's weird)

I love and relish life. I am Emmie. Take me or leave me as I am. I'm not changing for anything. I am original.

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