Saturday, December 24, 2011

lazzzzzzzzy crafting.

scrubbing bathroom floors on christmas eve? 

bring it.

really though, this should be illegal. I'm kinda ditching out on everyone downstairs... those cute little worker bees.

so, here's the deal. last night i couldn't sleep. at all. too much diet coke (whoever gave my mother that whole blessed two liter, i love you) and sugar. and i sat around all day yesterday. so i crafted.

i made a necklace, and attached ribbon to a pearl necklace i have, and made a bracelet, and made two headbands (one was on accident). i fell freaking accomplished, but i'm exhausted.

and i discovered something, my glue gun (Old Bessie) is MISSING. i almost cried. my little pink friend is gone. she's probably cold, and alone and scared. i had to use TACKY GLUE last night. that is totally, not okay. i need my hot glue! and my sewing machine is at Desi's! 

what is a lazy crafter to do?

i really need to find my glue gun though, or i might die of sorrow.  

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