Saturday, December 31, 2011

toast, toast! a toast to the king! our spirits are merry, our hearts will sing! toast! toast! TOAASSTT!

it's new years. and i'm blogging. what a loser.

but i just got home from desi's (blast) and now i must say my resolutions:

1. eat chocolate (doable)

2. eat cake (easy)

3. drink less soda (hard)

4. eat more veggies (fairly easy)

5. make mistakes.

6. learn from them.

7. focus on being a good leader

8. learn how to whistle

9. learn guitar (or uke. i'm fine with either)

10. eat lots of good food

11. laugh more than last year.

12. take time for myself.

13. keep up this blog and my journal. i write a LOT.

14. write even more.

15. read even more (haha! hardly possible)

16. learn to NOT burn things when i cook them.

17. finish my scriptures 

18. do a personal progress activity each month. 

19. learn some geometry to help me for next year.


good plans? i think so too:D

happy new year! let this be the best year ever!

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