Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012, we're not putting life on the shelves.

hello new year! I have a feeling we're going to get along just nicely!

but last night, i remembered that i didn't actually TELL you anything I did or accomplished in 2011. so, here it is.

the past year:


lost a few close friends .

gained some genuine ones.

matured a little (not a lot, but I'm improving)

discovered pinterest:)

overcame some fears.

put myself out there more.

bonded with some of my best friends.

made SBO pres.

took chances.

danced in the rain.

spazzed out.

and the best thing i did all year was create some really funny stories to tell my future grandchildren about later in life. what a colorful tapestry of tales they will listen to.

went to Disneyland with Desi!

spent countles hours with Kai.

met Jonas!!


spent time with these chicks!

won SBO.

spent five days in the wilderness with Becca and Maddy!

met this babe:)

spent the whole summer with Desi.

goodbye 2011!

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