Thursday, January 19, 2012

silly goose.

my life has been full of silly moments these past few days.

is it silly that my room smells like cologne and super glue?

is it silly that I almost took my baby blanket to school today?

is it silly that I've been playing my extreme bop it for about four hours?

is it silly that i get excited over dance moms?

yesterday at the basketball game, I stole Kailee's phone and organized ALL of her apps. if you've ever seen her phone, you'd know how big of a job this is. it took me ten minutes. and then she called me an freak. but I enjoyed organizing:) i also took silly pictures of me kaitlyn and kobe. 

and today i tripped over my red rainboots a million times. while wearing a skirt. lovely! but today was just silly. and there is a silly story to every class period.

first: so, in Anderson's class, her desks face each other. so you automatically stare at the front row people. it's just a habit, not on purpose. and I got a front row seat. so today i was happily working on my worksheet when after class Desi came up to me and told me that the first two rows on the other side of the room were staring at me. creeped me out a little.

second: ohhhh boy. I love this class. i sit next to madi and reagan and travis and mark and roman. it's a party all day. and today mark and roman felt my rainboots, mark wasn't allowed to put his feet on my "dedicated" desk or the "dedicated" footbasket. and me and reagan are twelve o clock friends:) oh, and me and Madi matched!

third: I'm an idiot and thought even numbers meant how many people at our table. me and chloe are table three. that's not an even number.

fourth: tripped over myself lots. sang a song about being lonely with harley and me and ricky couldn't find a dang duet song.

fifth: fell asleep. for twenty minutes. during class. and I sit in front of Holbrook's desk. WIN! I had a dream where a girl in exercise clothes danced in front of the class. mark woke me up by kicking my basket. 

sixth: hate. this. class. nothing silly today.

seventh: me and travis and casey talked the whole time. it was joy and we looked up Bill Nye on google. he's not dead, just to inform you.

and then i skipped the game because i felt a migraine coming on. not joy.

I just love silliness =D

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