Friday, January 13, 2012


are you as disgusted as I am with our society? Look at these girls, all of them look average. And then tons and tons of makeup, computer programs and unhealthy diets change that to look "presentable." Just stare at the picture for a couple minutes. crazy right?

i found this online and it completely changed my perspective of our media. Their goal is to make us feel so bad and crappy about how we look, so we buy their product. But here's the secret: IT WON'T MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE THIS ANYWAY!!!

even on mascara commercials, if you pause at the right time, at the bottom of the screen it says "Model is wearing fake eyelashes." I'm dead serious. 

and another secret: LOOKS AREN'T EVERYTHING! 

I'm not saying it's okay to look like a slob, but healthy is beautiful. Even a little makeup will enhance your looks, but if you go overboard, you won't look like them. you'll look like an orange clown.

just a reminder to all.

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