Sunday, January 29, 2012

why I'm "different"

it's not a secret that I'm not dismally average. I'm rather colorful and have a fun life. But, today it dawned on me that I'm not even CLOSE to being this disgusting word called "normal"


those romantic pictures on pinterest make me want to puke. really. they disgust me. especially the little kids ones. and the cuddly romantic cozy ones. bleh. because no guy is ever going to do that. "Oh dearest darling, let us go run to the beach and frolick through flowers, and then we'll make a fort." no. And I'm not going to waste my valuable daydreams about boys or romantic things like that. no way.

today, in Sunday School, I drew a picture of a person in a wheelchair singing the backin' up song. it's kind of a bad song, so i don't recommend you looking it up. although it is rather catchy. "I'm backin up, backin up, backin up, backin up. Cause my daddy, he taught me good."

I contemplated making a mustache for my phone case.

I had a dream my daddy was a murder. when I told him this, he said: "No more TV for you."

I make my friends chew gum for me for science. 

okay, now that I'm thinking about it, I have a totally closed mind to romantics. I hate romantic comedies (except to laugh at them. I laughed at the Notebook. really? they die together? how romantic). I hate Jr. High boys. (sorry if you are one, but most of you guys are really retarded. if you're not, then good. i probably am friends with you!). Boys just aren't worth it at all. I've decided that I'm not getting married, adopting an African baby (maybe two) and having fourteen cats. 

just kidding. I'll get married to some goofy guy who is spazzier than i am (is that POSSIBLE?) and having a big family with crazy children and we will have fun and eat cake for breakfast. No cats allowed.

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my thoughts on romantic subjects

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please tell me this sickens you a little bit.

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