Tuesday, January 10, 2012

sleep. go crazy. laugh. scream. repeat.

this week, I want to scream. I have screamed. End of term is stressful. very stressful. makes me wanna pull my hair out. but I've also screamed because I'm super jumpy.

yesterday, Melany smacked my butt and I almost peed myself. and then Ricky ran around me and grabbed my arm and I almost fainted. seriously, what the heck is wrong with me? they were just regular things and I got scared to death. and I've been freaking loopy. I laughed for five minutes straight and lunch and cried because i laughed so hard. I'm so tired. AND: the other night I had a dream. a weird dream that just tells you how psycho this week is making me:

So, i was at Chloe's house and I saw Annie and Erica sitting in a tree. I asked if I could join them, but they said no, so i stole Erica's grass/leaf skirt she was wearing and put it in Chloe's oven. Then we all went to Harry Potter World and got light up wands and it was joy. Then I remembered that i left leaves in the oven! We ran back to the house and discovered the washing machine exploded because of my blunder. There were bubbles everywhere. So our solution was to turn off the lights and lock the door and run. Then Ricky gave me an airhead because i felt horrible. then i woke up.

I need a nap.

on happier news: the officers and cheerleaders did our dance today. greatest thing of my life. my favorite was Kobe's facials and Erica. and how I can't dance. that's a problem too. but it was still a blast and I had a good laugh at Casey's wifebeater.

and i've been having some text talk issues. yep.

Well now I've wasted two hours of my life on Pinterest and facebook and blogging. So i better do my homework or I'll be dead.

Happy end of term!

this is what the bubbles looked like.

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