Saturday, June 30, 2012

I survived!

That's right folks, I survived Trek! Although I have no pictures to show you (I didn't want to ruin my camera, I forgot to have my mom take a before picture, and I showered the second I got home and then fell asleep) I have stories!

My main worry was my family. On the bus ride to the starting point, I was freaking out. I was over thinking the whole ordeal and I was almost going into a panic attack. When we lined up after the buses dropped us off, and Trail Boss Ted announced that we were going to announce families, my stomach was in knots. One by one, all of my friends were called up. I was one of the last ones called. I was called into the Curtis family. I walked up to them and awkwardly started checking them out, freaking out a bit. And then my beloved Ethan Crawford came up from the back of the group and hugged me. I was so happy to have one of my best friends in my Trek family, and I knew even if these kids were complete jerks, I would still have fun.

We sat on our buckets and started playing get-to-know-you-games and talked to each other. My worries slowly melted, and I realized that these kids were really cool. I had no idea who any of them were, but I was pleasantly surprised. Once we got on the trail, it was a bit awkward at first. I was holding a fake baby a leader had given us (nicknamed Lardo because she was so fat) and everyone else was pulling. We pulled in silence for about fifteen minutes, then started talking. I don't even know what we talked about on the first day. The only memory of the trail was me spitting and it accidentally hitting Doug. And of me pulling in the front of the handcart. I have the memory of a goldfish.

It was really weird at first, being thrown with these kids that you had never even seen in your life, and you're expected to spend practically every waking moment together. You slept next to each other, you ate with each other, you pulled a handcart together, then you set up camp and it started all over again. I only talked to Landry and Desi a couple times. But it was okay, because my family was seriously perfect for me.

We bonded quickly, and on the second day, we were singing songs and playing games on the trail. It still kind of amazes me. We were all so different, and we got along so well.

I had many amazing, fun and spiritual experiences at Trek. But, they're too personal for me to share. Or they're too powerful for me to share. What I can share is that I absolutely know that the Church is true. Why the heck would pioneers travel 1000 miles across the dangerous, hot, dirty plains to reach Zion? Why would a bunch of teenagers that are addicted to air conditioning and technology hike 30 miles with no cell phones, TV or even a real shelter for three days? It's true, and Trek has strengthened my testimony in so many ways.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


dirt is going to be my new bff for the next couple of days. because guess who's Mormon? ME! and guess who's trekking through the plains in Wyoming for the next three days? you guessed it.... ME!

For all of you who aren't Mormon out there, Trek is when kids 14-18 dress up like pioneers, and follow pioneer trails to strengthen our testimonies and appreciate the pioneers that came before us.

even though I'm super girly, I love camping. Or hiking. I love getting in the dirt. I love nature (if I take a Claratin). I'm so excited. I get to basically play this giant game of pretend with my whole stake. I get to pretend to be a pioneer, sleep under the stars and pull a handcart! I'm pumped!

I'm excited to sleep under the stars, excited to strengthen my testimony, excited to bond with kids, excited to  hike. The only thing I'm nervous about is ticks and my family.

I'm not nervous about my family... I'm terrified. What if I get quiet kids? What if I get kids that like to hold hands and sing kumbaya? What if I don't know anyone at all in my family? What if all of them think I'm a freak (it happens) and they shun me? What if my ma and pa are strict and grouchy? I have lots of worries.

I know it'll be as fun as I make it, but I'm still stressing out. I need to just chill and take my last shower for three days.

 Yum. What a sight I'll be.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 reasons why you are more functional than me

So, I've been kinda in a bad mood rut. I've been sleeping in until 12:30 or 1:00, and I've been grouchy and guilt ridden about the stupid car (see previous post). AND (just to have a pity party) the car isn't going to be fixed until Saturday. In case you didn't know, today is TUESDAY. Walking just became my new best friend.

anyway, I decided that I needed to snap myself out of this bad mood. So I started reading. I've read five books in the past two days. FIVE. And they were some heavy duty books. titles include: Pride and Prejudice, Thief Lord, and Alice in Wonderland (unabridged). I'm a hardcore reader when it comes down to it. 

But the point of this post isn't to brag about my killer reading skills. No, it was to name the reasons why you are probably more functional than I am. And because I adore lists, here it is:

1. I've been texting people, asking to hang out, without the intention  of hanging out. I just see if they reply and then ignore them. It makes me feel good. 

2. Five books in two days.

3. I've had over six Fuse drinks in the past three days. I've had to pee every four seconds, but they're delicious. 

4. There's a pile of seashells sitting on my nightstand, mocking me. Like, "Make something out of us! Make something!", but I just put a blanket over them to shut them up.

5. I haven't washed my hair in four days. I've showered, but no hair washing. I'm sure I look awesome.

6. I made extra extra butter popcorn yesterday, and when I was done eating it, I licked the butter off the bag. I'm totally getting Diabetes. 

7. I noticed that me knees are very tan yesterday. The rest of me is not.

8. I just got a new tub of Vaseline and I've been putting it everywhere. I even put it on my tan knees and my eyebrows. I don't really know why.

9. Today, while watching Avatar episodes with my brothers, I started crying because Katara and Soka had to leave their dad again. 

10. I discovered that I like the music on Minecraft while laying on the ground and listening to my brother play it.

and now, in the spirit of all my friends wanting to be in relationships and me wanting to watch TV:



and just because....

because I'm a red head.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

i broke the car.

okay, okay. so... I'm a TERRIBLE driver.

When I was driving home from church today, Luke kept screaming at me to stop hitting the brakes, I accidentally drove onto someone's lawn, and I broke the car.

yes. I caused our oil pan to break. Because I was pulling into the driveway and I didn't break fast enough, so the oil pan hit the sidewalk on the little nook that is between the sidewalk and the driveway. it made a huge BUMP noise, but mom was swearing and yelling at me, so I didn't notice it. I didn't know it was broken until later, when we were getting in the car to go to Grandpa's and there was oil everywhere. 

I kinda freaked out and couldn't talk and was trying really really hard not to laugh. the neighbors were watching, i was snorting because i didn't know whether to laugh or cry and it was just a mess! we couldn't go anywhere because dad didn't want to clean out his car to make room for us. so my siblings walked to my aunt's house and i went inside and watched a movie and ate because i felt so guilty. we ended up cleaning the oil up with kitty litter (nasty) and we have to get our car towed tomorrow.

luckily my mom was really cool with the whole ordeal. she just laughed and told me her crazy driving stories. i still felt/feel pretty darn bad. especially when everyone in my family is calling me "roadrager" because of my speed hitting the driveway. and my punishment is not having a car tomorrow. because it's getting fixed. oh joy.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

summer and birthdays.

i haven't posted in a while, so let me fill you in.

this summer is turning out to be the best one yet. I've had a blast every single day. the one thing i am sad about is the jazz band trip being over. i seriously wish i could relive it again and again and again. I'm sorry friends if I've talked about it too much, but I'm having withdrawals.

my birthday: party party party. I'm really big on birthdays. It's your holiday, so make it all about YOU. And that's exactly what I did! It wasn't anything big, just a lunch with Landry, Desi and Annie (and ma). but it was a party! we wore hats and called desi fat and it was joy. I also got new headphones, a barns n noble giftcard and many other treasures (no big present this year because of the jazz band trip. ack. i miss it).

and now, to check off items on my bucket list:

1. Go to Disneyland and Six Flags with some of my best friends.

2. Collect sea shells from the beach in California.

3. Get my permit :)

all of these passed off =D

disneyland and sea shells were part of the jazz band trip shindig, and i bet you're really sick of hearing about that so i'll stop. but permit is new! and holy crap. i love being about to drive. i hate the actual driving part, but i like the idea. i've only driven once and it was terrifying! but i'll get better. no worries. for now, CLEAR THE ROADS!

happy summer!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

I hate Utah.

I haven't blogged all summer! What's up with that?! I've been crazy busy all week. But now I can finally blog about the beloved Jazz Band Trip.

Let me just tell you this: it was the best week of my life. Seriously. I had a mini breakdown today because I realized that it's not happening again. I made so many new friends and bonded with old ones. I really am disappointed that it went by so fast.

Day One- Driving/Disney.

Let me explain our bus situation: 56 people on one old, smelly, nasty bus. And we were expected to sleep on it too. But it actually was pretty great. I sat by Gabby and Connor for the first half, and the by Stockton the second half. I had a party and there wasn't one time I was bored.

Disneyland was also a blast. I've never been with friends and it was seriously a party. Mark had this nifty little app thingy that told us when to get fastpasses or go on rides so we would wait the least amount of time. It was great. I also saw world of color. I was speechless and i almost cried. It was fantastic.

Day Two: Santa Monica.

The band played and then we went on the pier/beach. I hung out with Stock and Gabby most of the time. I bought a Santa Monica sweatshirt that I practically live in now. I didn't burn, and Taylor did which was the greatest moment of my life. We played in the ocean and in the sand and ate mangoes. I miss it so much.

Day Three: Magic Mountain

My dream came true this day. I've always, always wanted to fly. And then I went on Tatsu, which is a rollercoaster that makes you feel like you're flying. I was so happy i almost cried (but not really). I also went on X2 and screamed and a curse word might've come out. But it was fun. I hung Stockton, Taylor, Mitch, Emma, Colton and Mick. It was a party!

Day three/four Driving:

Sleep. Glorious sleep. And Taylor and Junho woke me up by staring at me and I almost peed. But it was so fun. I'm so sad it's over.