Saturday, June 9, 2012

I hate Utah.

I haven't blogged all summer! What's up with that?! I've been crazy busy all week. But now I can finally blog about the beloved Jazz Band Trip.

Let me just tell you this: it was the best week of my life. Seriously. I had a mini breakdown today because I realized that it's not happening again. I made so many new friends and bonded with old ones. I really am disappointed that it went by so fast.

Day One- Driving/Disney.

Let me explain our bus situation: 56 people on one old, smelly, nasty bus. And we were expected to sleep on it too. But it actually was pretty great. I sat by Gabby and Connor for the first half, and the by Stockton the second half. I had a party and there wasn't one time I was bored.

Disneyland was also a blast. I've never been with friends and it was seriously a party. Mark had this nifty little app thingy that told us when to get fastpasses or go on rides so we would wait the least amount of time. It was great. I also saw world of color. I was speechless and i almost cried. It was fantastic.

Day Two: Santa Monica.

The band played and then we went on the pier/beach. I hung out with Stock and Gabby most of the time. I bought a Santa Monica sweatshirt that I practically live in now. I didn't burn, and Taylor did which was the greatest moment of my life. We played in the ocean and in the sand and ate mangoes. I miss it so much.

Day Three: Magic Mountain

My dream came true this day. I've always, always wanted to fly. And then I went on Tatsu, which is a rollercoaster that makes you feel like you're flying. I was so happy i almost cried (but not really). I also went on X2 and screamed and a curse word might've come out. But it was fun. I hung Stockton, Taylor, Mitch, Emma, Colton and Mick. It was a party!

Day three/four Driving:

Sleep. Glorious sleep. And Taylor and Junho woke me up by staring at me and I almost peed. But it was so fun. I'm so sad it's over.

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