Saturday, June 16, 2012

summer and birthdays.

i haven't posted in a while, so let me fill you in.

this summer is turning out to be the best one yet. I've had a blast every single day. the one thing i am sad about is the jazz band trip being over. i seriously wish i could relive it again and again and again. I'm sorry friends if I've talked about it too much, but I'm having withdrawals.

my birthday: party party party. I'm really big on birthdays. It's your holiday, so make it all about YOU. And that's exactly what I did! It wasn't anything big, just a lunch with Landry, Desi and Annie (and ma). but it was a party! we wore hats and called desi fat and it was joy. I also got new headphones, a barns n noble giftcard and many other treasures (no big present this year because of the jazz band trip. ack. i miss it).

and now, to check off items on my bucket list:

1. Go to Disneyland and Six Flags with some of my best friends.

2. Collect sea shells from the beach in California.

3. Get my permit :)

all of these passed off =D

disneyland and sea shells were part of the jazz band trip shindig, and i bet you're really sick of hearing about that so i'll stop. but permit is new! and holy crap. i love being about to drive. i hate the actual driving part, but i like the idea. i've only driven once and it was terrifying! but i'll get better. no worries. for now, CLEAR THE ROADS!

happy summer!


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