Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 reasons why you are more functional than me

So, I've been kinda in a bad mood rut. I've been sleeping in until 12:30 or 1:00, and I've been grouchy and guilt ridden about the stupid car (see previous post). AND (just to have a pity party) the car isn't going to be fixed until Saturday. In case you didn't know, today is TUESDAY. Walking just became my new best friend.

anyway, I decided that I needed to snap myself out of this bad mood. So I started reading. I've read five books in the past two days. FIVE. And they were some heavy duty books. titles include: Pride and Prejudice, Thief Lord, and Alice in Wonderland (unabridged). I'm a hardcore reader when it comes down to it. 

But the point of this post isn't to brag about my killer reading skills. No, it was to name the reasons why you are probably more functional than I am. And because I adore lists, here it is:

1. I've been texting people, asking to hang out, without the intention  of hanging out. I just see if they reply and then ignore them. It makes me feel good. 

2. Five books in two days.

3. I've had over six Fuse drinks in the past three days. I've had to pee every four seconds, but they're delicious. 

4. There's a pile of seashells sitting on my nightstand, mocking me. Like, "Make something out of us! Make something!", but I just put a blanket over them to shut them up.

5. I haven't washed my hair in four days. I've showered, but no hair washing. I'm sure I look awesome.

6. I made extra extra butter popcorn yesterday, and when I was done eating it, I licked the butter off the bag. I'm totally getting Diabetes. 

7. I noticed that me knees are very tan yesterday. The rest of me is not.

8. I just got a new tub of Vaseline and I've been putting it everywhere. I even put it on my tan knees and my eyebrows. I don't really know why.

9. Today, while watching Avatar episodes with my brothers, I started crying because Katara and Soka had to leave their dad again. 

10. I discovered that I like the music on Minecraft while laying on the ground and listening to my brother play it.

and now, in the spirit of all my friends wanting to be in relationships and me wanting to watch TV:



and just because....

because I'm a red head.

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