Tuesday, June 26, 2012


dirt is going to be my new bff for the next couple of days. because guess who's Mormon? ME! and guess who's trekking through the plains in Wyoming for the next three days? you guessed it.... ME!

For all of you who aren't Mormon out there, Trek is when kids 14-18 dress up like pioneers, and follow pioneer trails to strengthen our testimonies and appreciate the pioneers that came before us.

even though I'm super girly, I love camping. Or hiking. I love getting in the dirt. I love nature (if I take a Claratin). I'm so excited. I get to basically play this giant game of pretend with my whole stake. I get to pretend to be a pioneer, sleep under the stars and pull a handcart! I'm pumped!

I'm excited to sleep under the stars, excited to strengthen my testimony, excited to bond with kids, excited to  hike. The only thing I'm nervous about is ticks and my family.

I'm not nervous about my family... I'm terrified. What if I get quiet kids? What if I get kids that like to hold hands and sing kumbaya? What if I don't know anyone at all in my family? What if all of them think I'm a freak (it happens) and they shun me? What if my ma and pa are strict and grouchy? I have lots of worries.

I know it'll be as fun as I make it, but I'm still stressing out. I need to just chill and take my last shower for three days.

 Yum. What a sight I'll be.

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