Sunday, June 17, 2012

i broke the car.

okay, okay. so... I'm a TERRIBLE driver.

When I was driving home from church today, Luke kept screaming at me to stop hitting the brakes, I accidentally drove onto someone's lawn, and I broke the car.

yes. I caused our oil pan to break. Because I was pulling into the driveway and I didn't break fast enough, so the oil pan hit the sidewalk on the little nook that is between the sidewalk and the driveway. it made a huge BUMP noise, but mom was swearing and yelling at me, so I didn't notice it. I didn't know it was broken until later, when we were getting in the car to go to Grandpa's and there was oil everywhere. 

I kinda freaked out and couldn't talk and was trying really really hard not to laugh. the neighbors were watching, i was snorting because i didn't know whether to laugh or cry and it was just a mess! we couldn't go anywhere because dad didn't want to clean out his car to make room for us. so my siblings walked to my aunt's house and i went inside and watched a movie and ate because i felt so guilty. we ended up cleaning the oil up with kitty litter (nasty) and we have to get our car towed tomorrow.

luckily my mom was really cool with the whole ordeal. she just laughed and told me her crazy driving stories. i still felt/feel pretty darn bad. especially when everyone in my family is calling me "roadrager" because of my speed hitting the driveway. and my punishment is not having a car tomorrow. because it's getting fixed. oh joy.


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