Saturday, December 10, 2011

try not to drown in my weirdness.

that's right folks! I'm blogging! on a saturday night! i need a life!

I am not even kidding you. I didn't do anything last night either. The most exciting thing I did today was put on an ugly sweater that was the itchiest thing of my life. it had llamas on it. don't worry, you'll get a picture soon.

but seriously. what is wrong with me? last night, i crafted! I didn't hang out or do anything! My best friend is my little pink hot glue gun. I love that little guy. except I think it should be a girl glue gun... it's name shall be Old Bessie. The glue gun. And my sewing machine shall be named Al. Al the sewing machine and Bessie the glue gun. we've been through a lot together.

I'm seriously feeling like a creep. I'm on facebook, stalking people that do have lives. I'm sorry if all of you get a lot of notifications from me, don't be creeped out.

there are perks for not doing anything:






and that's it. but the blog I've been stalking today was "You seriously made that?!" she cracks me up. My favorite post is when she talks about herself and her weirdness, and admits that one of her fears is running over a cardboard box in the middle of the street that has a baby in it. I am not kidding.

I think we'd get along just grandly with our weirdness. I like her.

here's a link, if you want to laugh and make cute stuff:

Oh, I also like her video of Double Dream hands. It made me pee my pants a little.

But I have a funny story! Every time either of my parents asks me to do something, I just say OK and then zone out and do whatever I was doing. Then they go away and leave me alone, and usually forget about what they told me to do. It works every time (example, dad just told me to get off the laptop and go to bed. OK. he goes back to his room and I think he's asleep).

this is getting random, and i hear my daddy stirring in the room next to me, so I'll go to bed.

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