Thursday, November 3, 2011

me and Junie B. Jones are the same.

so basically, I'm a five year old in a teenagers body.

I eat fruit snacks, I climb trees, I paint and color, I sing randomly, I dance randomly, I cry randomly, I giggle for no reason, I laugh at dumb things, I'm sensitive, I'm crazy.

I love being immature:)

okay. so today something clicked into my head and I almost died. this has happened TWICE this year:

okay. so today we had a new boy in ninth grade at our school. and all the girls (besides me and some others) were FREAKING out. really. I felt bad for the poor kid. I mean, it was his first day in a new state and these obnoxious girls were all over him. I would've screamed and punched them.

So I decided to befriend the lad! I mean, why not? new friends! that's cool!

and I was walking with him to biology, and all the girls around us are trying to be cool/flirty/funny. but they were really being annoying. and then I started spazzing out because I couldn't get through a croud of people so I just started yelling at them like I always do, and I used my binder as a "force field" and was making Star Trek sounds. and the kid follows me and gives me one of the weirdest looks i've ever seen.

and then it hits me

for all of you who aren't as cool as you could be and haven't read Junie B Jones go and read them right now. but in one of the books, it's called "Junie B Jones loves Handsome Warren" and all of Junie B's friends all fall in "love" with the new boy in kindergarten and they're trying to impress each other. and Junie B. is just being her crazy loveable self and he calls her a "nutball"

if you're not making the connections, I'm Junie B. The "nutball"

and this has happened TWICE this year! Once with new boy (I think his name is Jonah? Dang. I'll find out tomorrow) and once with Larebear. I was the crazy and all the other girls were freaking out.

I'm not normal, but that's okay. I like me a lot =D

me. totally me.

even more me.

my hero.

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