Saturday, November 12, 2011

keep calm and dance on.

okay, i wouldn't call my dancing CALM. my dancing is spazzy, seizure in the middle of the dance floor stuff.

so here's the low down:

last night, at Stockon and Jake's party, I was spazzy. I slapped Gabe in the face, i elbowed five people in the ribs. But I had a ball, so what the heck!

And another note: I kind of adore Sam Faber and marky very very much. Last night, they were dancing like crazy people with me and didn't give a crap about what anyone thought of them. I really admire that. that's someone who I want to be.

(okay, my m is being dumb again. watch, so spacebar for the next paragraph: hello! Im lmmmmove mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm everyone and emverything in this worlmd!m i mmalso love pinterest! i'mmm a little addicted. yep. mthe mm ims really dub mand if you can read this then i am proud of YOU)

see???? my computer is retarded!!!!

anyway. Pinterest: my addiction. I Love it. I don't go on it very often, but when i do its for a long time. I loooooove it. i need an intervention.

i also love Pandora. Sydney showed it to me last night and I am ADDICTED. but i hate how you can't replay songs. grrrrr.

during this week i am going to smile till my face hurts, because I'm thinking this is gonna be a hard one. I feel it in my bones.

but my day: (also, I'm sorry, this is really random but its my blog, so too bad!)

today I went to Disney on Ice with my family. I LOVED IT. I loved it more than the three year old did. I seriously almost cried when it was over. My favorite part was Tangled and the floating lanterns and the couple skate thing. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. I'm a nerd.

and then on our way home, I called Landry and Desi and told them about it. and then i went over to landry's house where Tanner was having his police man birthday party. When i got there, i was ambushed but lots of ten year olds. i was hustled to "jail" even though I hadn't done anything. the jail was a cardboard box. they all laughed at me and pointed their nerf guns at me. so i ran away, and then Isac Gates tackled me. THEN i ran inside and locked the door and laughed at them through the window. then I went and drank mountain dew with landry and Desi. then the kids came inside for doughnuts and one of them was telling me how he hated girls. so i kissed him on the cheek. then a couple of other boys until Nicole got mad at me. then me and landry and desi watched Peter Pan downstairs until they all left.

and this is the funny part. Dillon was over to play with Tanner, but Tanner was kinda ignoring him. So Dillon was hanging out with me desi and landry. A bunch of teenage girls and a nine year old watching Thor. And then Dillon scared me and my reflex was to punch him on the mouth. but he forgave me:)

then i went home and babysat. it was a good saturuday.

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