Monday, November 28, 2011

All I want for Christmas... is... cute clothes.

let me just express my love for Kate Johnson really fast.

first, I didn't get to see her all freaking break. That is because she is fancy and went to her ranch and had a grand old time leaving me alone. So when I saw her today, I had a major freak out attack and ran and hugged her. and the onlookers were probably afraid of us and our squealing =D

and then, today at lunch me and Kate were talking about singing a song together for choir. and then she screamed, "YOU SHOULD SING I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN!"

when i told her no, she decided to demonstrate that it wasn't a skanky song by dancing and singing. in front of everyone. and me and Kylee were on the ground laughing our faces off while Kate just danced around.

Ahh, Kate. I love her more than words.

But today was actually a really good Monday. Those are hard to come by and it made me happy. Everything just made me happy in some way or another. My favorite part of the day is when Mark took Annie's crutches in English and put them as short as they could go, and Holbrook still believed that he was hurt. hobbling along like an elf and giggling.

I also liked when Faber wanted to trip his math teacher. ahhh. joy.

another random note since i am blogging and like to talk about things: this weekend me, Kai and Emma watched a freaking scary movie. A Haunting in Connecticut. It's not SCARY but it's images are disturbing and it jumps out at you a lot. I basically hid in the blankets the whole time. But now we're all kinda freaked out and I don't like going anywhere alone. It was a good movie though, but I'm just a wimp.

I'm also just a happy little person. Especially since it's the beginning of the Kumbaya months. As in Christmas happy good feeling months. My brothers put up decorations yesterday, but it doesn't feel right without snow or a tree.

so now, I'm going to spend the next few weeks I'm going to listen to my holiday pandora station, listen to the she and him christmas album (thank you Kobe for telling me about this), make presents and bake cookies and brownies.

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