Friday, November 25, 2011

thankful. gobble gobble.

I know it's the day AFTER thanksgiving, but I can still blog about how thankful I am. and then blog about insane Black Friday.

so i guess I'll go in a list.

I'm thankful for:

The Officers and Mr. King. They are my family at school. We yell, we giggle, we laugh, we feel sad and we love each other. I love all of them and they are always the best part of the school day for me. When I'm having a suckish day, I'm waiting for seventh period. I love you guys so much it's probably not exactly healthy.

my family. we are weird. we fight. we yell. but I love them despite all the bad things. I have a mom who is my best friend and puts up with my teenager-ness. I have a daddy who loves me despite my sassiness. I have a sister who is a ham and who is my little friend. I have two brothers that drive me crazy sometimes, but are also loving when they want to be.

my grandma and aunts and uncles and cousins.

Katherine Johnson. She is also my best friend. We are completely crazy, but she listens to me and I love to listen to her. She is too boy crazy for words and too spazzy for words too. But she is the sweetest girl alive and I love her so much.

my ward and the gospel. I love my ward so much I can't stand it. especiallly the mia maids, because we're all so close. and i'm grateful that I have the gospel in my life. without it, i have no idea what i would do or who i would be.

my friends at school. i love them very very much too.

being weird.
pumpkin pie.
modern family
cute shoes


now on to Black Friday!

so yesterday was pretty grand. i woke up, watched the parade a little (Ingrid Michaelson. yesssss) and then we went bowling. i lost. but that's okay! because it was a blast! and then we went home, I watched some Psych and then Grandmother's house! and we ate and had a blast.

then we went to Wal Mart at eight thirty! and me and my mom stood by this purple jeep for Elysia for two and a half hours! and we met a super nice guy next to us who was freaking awesome. we made up a strategy with him. we got the top two and the people on the other side got the bottom two jeeps. but about ten minutes before we could grab them, this one dude wormed his way in the line.

then, me and my mom had a tug of war with him! and the nice guy told us to hold onto his while he pullled on ours. and he ripped it right out of the other dude's hands! too bad jerkface! should've waited! And then the jerkface tried to steal someone else's jeep! so our nice dude went and yelled at Jerkface for us.

and then the nice stranger and his cute wife went in line. and we didn't even know this awesome dude's name.

I love nice people like that. Grandma had one to help her get a jeep for Amber, and Amy had one to help her get barbies for Maryann. Nice people give me hope when everyone is having freak out attacks. seriously. we heard someone across the store scream, "GIVE IT TO ME!"

people are crazy.

now I can play Christmas music without feeling guilty:)


i'm excited to watch this!

never gets old:)

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