Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make him visible.

I know my blog is small, and I don't get very many pageviews. 

But however insignificant this may be, I'm sharing the idea of Kony 2012.

Last night on Pinterest, I kept seeing these signs that said 'Kony 2012, stop at nothing" and I didn't get it. But today at school, I saw a few posters too.  and Mrs. Thompson explained it to our whole math class.

Joseph Kony is a "leader" in Uganda, Africa. For over twenty years, he's been abducting children from their homes in Africa and making them soldiers and sex slaves. 

So today, I looked up Kony 2012 on youtube and I watched the whole thirty minute video.

The video proposes this: only 99% of the world knows about Kony. And to stop his crimes, we're making him famous. We're doing this not or his glory, but to put his horrific crimes in the light. 

watch it. all of it. and share it. 


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