Sunday, August 26, 2012

ideas please?

so.. normally I just blog for fun.

or I blog to update and tell stories.

but this is the first time I've blogged for help!

don't worry. It's not a serious problem. I'm just hitting a creative wall. this is going to sound so nerdy, but I need ideas.

I need ways to store lip products. no, i am not kidding. I'm so OCD that I have to find a cute and easy way to store them. I have so many. probably 30 lip glosses and five lip sticks and a bajillion chapsticks and a few lip butters. I've looked it up online, and there are these special lip product holders, but I don't really feel  like paying $50 dollars for something that I can figure out a solution to. and no one else has asked this question. even pinterest has failed me this time!

right now half of my lip glosses are sitting in an empty wine glass that I found at the back of our cupboard. But it's way too small and it doesn't fit when I close my vanity up.

You're laughing at my OCD now. I know you are. But seriously. I'm calling all of you creative minds out there! If you have an idea, or think of something that I can do, please comment and tell me! Comment on my facebook! on this blog! text me! message me! email me! HELP ME PLEASE!

thanks for putting up with my weirdness. Carry on.


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