Monday, August 6, 2012

Things I love Monday.

Mondays are pretty bleak. Not during the summer, obviously, but during the school year. Even sometimes in the summer, I just get that Monday cloud hanging over my head. So, I decided to make my Monday's positive. To keep up with my updates on life, and my blog so I don't really forget, I'm starting "Things I love Monday." Which basically is my favorite things that I can think of that particular day. This actually wasn't originally my idea. It was Gala Darling's, (except on her blog, it's things I love Thursday. Much more alliteration, but I tried not to be a total copy cat).  Check out her blog at

On to the positivity! (And because I love lists so much)

In this Shirt- by the Irrepressibles. one of my new favorite songs.

Also, A-Team by Ed Sheeran is fantastic.

My lovely sparkly supergirl cape from magic mountain has been around my shoulders all day.

Hubba Bubble Gum.

COD. I know, I'm a hardcore gamer for using the lingo. But actually, it's pretty fun when I'm not screaming my head off.

Partying on the Boulevard with my friends. I'm an official high schooler now.



my fantastic, wonderful friends who I have made this summer.

watching hilarious youtube videos.

Mean Girls, aka the best movie ever was recorded just for me!

My purple shorts.

fishtail braids.


that's all for today! 

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