Monday, July 9, 2012


Quirk. Quirk. Hehe. It's a funny word, and after typing it a few times, you start to question it's existence. 

But. I decided (because our carpets are getting cleaned and my mom has to "supervise" and she won't give me a ride so I can't invite myself anywhere and I'm bored) I will list many many (hopefully lovable) quirks to you. Are you excited?!

And because I'm so fond of lists:

Quirks of Emmie (I just really love the word Quirks. hehe)

1. As mentioned before, I invite myself places. Tell me that you're doing something fun, I come too. And I don't even ask. Everyone probably gets super annoyed, but oh well. I'm fun, I take up little space, and I clean up after myself. So you can take me anywhere!

2. I have to use this certain kind of spoon at my house. It is the PERFECT size and has these cute decorative lines on it. If it's not clean, I have to locate and hand wash it to eat something. 

3. I don't really have boundaries. I answered the door the other day while wearing spandex and a sports bra after working out. My brother's friend will probably never come here again.

4. I'm an open book. I'll tell you if I peed my pants, or who I have a crush on (not that I have a crush right now. Haven't for six months! whoo hoo!) if I'm on my period (sorry if that's awkward for you) or if I have to pee. If it's in my head, it comes out of my mouth.

5. I'm SUPER immature sometimes. Not all of the time. But it happens. 

6. I cannot wink. Well, I can. But not well.

7. My rainboots are my favorite article of clothing.

8. I like chocolate licorice. Most people are disgusted by it. But mmmmm. 

9. I am a church-a-holic. I try to go as much as I can because I LOVE it. Yesterday, my tummy felt like a bear was inside clawing at my innards and I still went. (I'm also a YW a holic. and  Trek a holic).

That's all I can think of.

PS: I miss Trek like crazy. I had a dream about it the other night. I may share. But probably not.

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