Saturday, July 7, 2012

I promised to blog.

I promised Harley I would blog about my night. So even though I'm exhausted, I will try my best. I also am blogging because Mitch let me take a couple embarrassing pictures of him that I promised NOT to put in the internet. I'm very sad about this ordeal, because the pictures show off his manliness and his amazing tan line. I cannot say any more.

So. I woke up at 11 this morning and I was in my PJs all day. ALL DAY. I got up, ate, and then watched TV. I caught up on my dance moms and my pretty little liars, and then I watched Disney movies! I know that you care so much about what I watched, so it is important to tell you. Then, at six pm I decided that it would be productive to maybe get out of my pajamas and put on some clothes. After that was accomplished, I invited myself to Mitch's house, where his mother showed me amazing baby pictures of him. He was embarrassed and I was delighted. He kept putting his head down at the table and telling his mom to stop. Joy.

Then, Mitch drove us to Harley's house (Mitch driving was an experience all in itself) and we started a movie. But then we got distracted and went to the spinny park! It's this park with a lot of toys that spin you around. And I honestly almost upchucked all over the entire planet because I totally overdid it. Then we listened to music and walked back, where we decided to play Apples to Apples! Which, let me tell you, is a game that I suck at. I only got one card during the whole thing! ONE! I lost.

Then my mama came to give me and all those crazy boys a ride home. And after Stockton, Junho, Mama and I went on a midnight chocolate shake run! Where Stockton danced in the McDonald's parking lot!

And that was my night. You're welcome Harley.

PS: Bucket list update.

12. Watch every single Avatar episode. All in a row.

17. Get many blisters on Trek!

3. Get my permit :)

and in case you don't know what Avatar the Last Airbender is: it's a cartoon japanese show that aired on Nickelodeon forever ago. I used to watch it. I discovered it on Netflix and watched all of the the episodes in just four days non stop with my brothers.

Happy Summer!

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