Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm a teenager.

Being a teenager girl is so weird. One second you're high on life, the next you feel like a llama herd trampled on your spleen (I'm not sure what that would feel like, but I'm pretty sure it would suck). I was in such a happy mood last night. I swam with my friends, and had a blast. I went shopping today, then went to Landry's. Then we watched some TV, and that's when I just started feeling depressed. And I don't even know why. I really honestly don't. I just feel like a Dementor entered the room (HP reference). All my happiness is sucked out of me. 

So I'm trying to make myself feel better. I've been listening to Jack Johnson, trying to practice voice, cleaning my room, organizing my shoes. But nothing has worked! And I really love organizing my shoes! I've tried looking through old Jazz Band pictures (and by the way, I bought a sweatshirt today that says I (picture of a wave) Santa Monica, Jazz Band readers. Wearing it right now) but it's not helping. Why is my brain freaking out at me? Why am I sad?!

Okay. This whole post was to stop thinking about my sadness, so I'll post about my friends.

My dear, dear lovely friends who I adore. I'm sorry if that creeps you out friends. But really, I love you. Especially the ones that I've made/grown closer to since school got out. Before I met you, I forgot that most friends are drama free, and can be fun and make you laugh SO hard. I love how we can have so much fun together. I love how I can ALWAYS feel included, even when I invite myself. And sometimes, I don't even have to invite myself! Because you include me! I love that! After this year of drama and school that was difficult, you have no idea how amazing it is to have you guys. I'm sorry if I creep you out by telling you how much I love you, but I'll shout it from the rooftops. Thank you! I love you! 

That actually did make me feel a little better. 

I love you guys. A lot more than it is healthy.

okay. llama's stepping on my spleen again. someone make me cookies or give me a hug.

what is wrong with me?!

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  1. Emmie, I love you :) I will make you a cake and bring ice cream so we can watch PLL together. The ENTIRE seasons all over again. :)