Friday, October 26, 2012

Bountiful Dictionary.

Today, I'm going to teach you an important lesson, one that you must know if you are not from my town and are reading my blog. I have a dictionary full of words (and how to pronounce them) for you to understand what I'm always talking about. I've gotten some emails asking what the heck am I saying, and I am here to help you!

Before we start with this dictionary, you have to know that you can't say your T's. For example: Mountain. If you're from Utah, you must pronounce it Mounain. No t. This applies to almost every word you can think of.

VL, noun: (Short for Virgin Lips) When a teenager in Bountiful has not kissed anyone besides a family member. When you kiss someone, you "lose" your VL (there's even a club. with T shirts).

Shoot, verb: A replacement for the popular cuss word. You can also use Shiz if you want to walk on the wild side, or the most commonly used, Crap.

Baller, adj: When something is awesome. Ex: Those shoes are baller! Seminary is baller!

RM, adjective: Returned Missionary, a spouse/boyfriend preferred by most Mormon Girls.

The Vard, noun: Bountiful Boulevard, a place where teenagers park their cars, blast music, and party on summer/warm nights. Partying can also occur during the fall.

The B, noun: A giant letter on our Mountain that symbolizes Bountiful High. A great view if you drive up there, and also a makeout spot.

Friday Night Lights, noun: Football games, reference to a popular TV show.

Keva, noun: A smoothie place located near BHS, where the drinks are delicious and you can get a slice of bread next door for 50 cents.

Rite Aide, noun: A store which every teen in Bountiful has been kicked out of.

Snow Days, noun: Don't exist. You go to school if there is five feet of snow on the ground. Case closed.

Skiing, noun: Almost everyone in Bountiful is an expert at it. We can teach you how to ski backwards.

The Holy War, noun: The annual football game between BYU and UofU. Utah is divided, with the occasional Utah State straggler.

The Spiral, noun: A spiral staircase at Bountiful High, where you make out.

True Brave, noun: You can achieve this status by either: a, running around the track naked, or b, kissing on the spiral. If you do both, then you are a Chief.

 WX vs BHS: a football game that everyone looks forward to, because BHS has beat WX for over 20 years straight. (if we lose tonight, just know that this was written before the game)

Seminary: an hour and a half nap.

Snowpants: an article of clothing that everyone has in their closets.

AN IMPORTANT PRONUNCIATION ANNOUNCEMENT: You must pronounce your B's like P's. Example: Jacop.

I hope I have helped you understand my life and my Bountiful slang.

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