Thursday, October 4, 2012

i hate school.

here I am, sitting in computer tech. it's only second period and I've had probably the worst day ever. EVER. I'm not excited for what's to come. the only good thing is that I figured out how to get on youtube, which means whole imagine dragons album is being listened to because i'm too cheap to buy it.

since we have free time, blog challenge (that I'm almost done with!)

Day 26 was a dumb question, so I'm telling you what's in my backpack.

three sets of headphones
a pink sharpie
burts bees lip gloss
my phone
hair ties
bobby pins
random food
my binders
my schedule
my planner
a dollar
my lunch
a calculator.

Don't worry, it's super organized. Because I'm OCD.

So, I'm actually planning some BIG posts to come. I've already drafted one, and in my opinion, it's amazing. I love it. So BIG things are coming! Be excited with me!

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