Sunday, December 16, 2012


hello there, old friends. It's been a little while. And I have found a free moment where I don't want to just flop on my bed and listen to my Spotify playlists over and over. 

(Music update, I've re-discovered my love for Passion Pit lately. Sleepyhead, Take a Walk and Moth's Wings are some of my favorites. I've also been getting into Modest Mouse. Float on is my favorite. And lastly, the Xx. You either love or hate their music, but I'm all for it. Favorites are Fiction and VCR. Go check them out. now.)

Sorry, you got me talking about music. But anyway, I found a moment of free time so I decided to give you a  small update on my life.

I've been crazy busy with everything. School has caught up to me, and I am swamped with makeup homework. And with the end of term coming up, I've been a little pressured with everything. It's nothing like middle school though. This kind of stress I can handle. 

I've also been really busy with my wonderful friends. I'm not going to lie, I have a lot of them. I'm a pretty pleasant person, and I like people. That being said, I have a lot of different groups of friends. And sometimes it feels like I'm being pulled in a thousand different directions by different people. It's not bad, and I love having so many people to relate to. It just overwhelms me. 

It's kind of funny, but now that I'm happy with my friends and don't feel like I have to impress them all the time, I've turned into the laziest teenage girl ever. I don't care about my appearance as much anymore. You can find me at school any day of the week with my hair in a sock bun, wearing my mom's old sweatshirts and leggings (not her leggings. mine. for clarification) I wear less makeup, and I allow myself to sleep in a little longer than those girls that get up at 4 am to put on their faces. Chap stick and mascara are my buddies. 
Overall, I am completely loving my life. I'm content and happy with myself, with my friends and I am working my butt off in school. I need to keep 'dem grades up. 

Like anyone else in the world, I have my challenges. I'm a little disappointed that I can't get a ski pass this year. I usually get one for Christmas, but our christmas present was Florida. I'm a little sleep deprived. I not eating as healthy as I should, and sometimes walking up the stairs to the fifth floor leaves me winded. Trust me, I have my issues. 

That's basically it, except I have one hilarious story to tell (because what Emmie blog post doesn't contain a funny story?). Names shall not be mentioned to protect the idiot.

So, to give you a little background, there's this person in a couple of my classes. They sit by me because our last names are similar. And they cheat off of my tests like a little snot. I admit, I do really well on tests. I study my butt off and I try my hardest. And when some little pill face tries to take credit for my work, I got really upset.

I told the teachers (as this happened in multiple classes) but of course they did nothing. So I tried my best to avoid the situation. I would practically lay on top of my paper so they couldn't copy, I would call them out on it. Nothing was working.

One day we're sitting in a class (not disclosed to protect the idiot), taking a test. This was a test that I was very nervous for. I had to teach myself the entire unit because I was in Florida, and I had been spending days reviewing. So when the creep next to me leans over to try to get some answers, I freaked out a little bit. 

And then I realized, the teacher had handed out two different types of the test. 

We had different tests. 

I almost died, I was laughing so hard. I had been covering my test with my paper, and putting it on the opposite side of this retard. After realizing that we had different tests, I had an idea.

I gladly put my test on the side of my desk the creep was on, and let them cheat like a crazy person. I giggled to myself the whole class, feeling so proud of my cleverness. And when I handed in my test, my teacher laughed with me. 

Well, the next class, we got our test back. My score? 90 percent. I could've done better, but I was pretty proud of it, considering I taught myself everything.

Guess the Einstein next to me score was?

53 percent.

Emmie-1. Idiot-0.

Thank you, and good night.

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