Tuesday, September 18, 2012

day 10.

Day Ten: describe your most embarrassing moment.

Here's the thing, I don't get embarrassed easily. I do weird things for fun and I don't really care about what others think of me. So, these moments that I'm about to list didn't embarrass me and I've probably told everyone in the world about them. But here you go.

I have two stories.

#1 The ripped Skirt

Once upon a time, there was innocent little seventh grade Emmie walking to her back yard. She was wearing an adorable outfit with a cute little blue and white skirt. She was feeling adventurous so she decided that instead of opening the gate, she would climb over it. She still doesn't remember why she decided to do that. So anyway, there was cute little Emmie climbing over the fence, when her cute little skirt got caught in the links. She started to freak out and yell for help, not thinking anyone could hear her. Then, to her horror, she heard a musical little laugh behind her. She whipped her head around to see her new neighbor standing in his yard chuckling at her misfortune. She was mortified (at the time). She screamed and tried to jump off the fence, but sadly ripped her cute little skirt in the process.

#2 The sandbox and the evil dog

Once upon a time, there was cute little eighth grade Emmie, walking to Desi's house. Desi lives around the corner, but Emmie was too lazy to walk around the whole neighborhood. So she decided to cut through her neighbor's house. She thought that their evil, fat dogs were locked up inside, and she had nothing to worry about. But as soon as she climbed the fence, she heard an evil sounding growl behind her. The fat puppy was on her heels! And I swear, this dog weighs fifty pounds. So she did what her teachers told her to do in the presence of a scary, angry dog. She didn't look him in the eye. Walked backwards and talked softly. Then, the dog stiffened, like a Jaguar about to attack. There was a demon look in it's eyes. And he pounced. She screamed and in an adrenaline rush, she thought she could leap over her neighbor's fence (the same neighbor mentioned in the above story). But sadly, she was mistaken, and she landed headfirst into a sandbox that probably had cat litter in it. But, this wasn't the worst part. Her ankles were caught on the top links of the fence, so she was being held upside down. She screamed and tried to free herself, which she successfully did, but she ripped her pants in the process. Sniffling, she walked up the stairs to her neighbor's front yard to find that he was sitting in a lawn chair, drinking lemonade. He looked at her and asked, "Was that you that just screamed?" "Nooo..." She replied sheepishly. And then she ran away like a scared chicken.

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